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Wild Wild Wet – The Ultimate Guide

Awhile ago, the boy and I went to Adventure Cove Singapore and it was super fun. Then Covid struck and after the restrictions were loosened, we decided to explore Wild Wild Wet again!

Situated at Downtown East, Wild Wild Wet is one of the largest water parks in Singapore that boasts adrenalin-pumping rides (the boy’s favourite) to relaxing ones, promising a water adventure for everyone. It first opened in 2004 and has been hailed as one of the top 10 water parks in Asia. After the expansion in 2017, Wild Wild Wet was revamped with new adrenaline rides such as the Royal Flush, Kraken Racers and Torpedo. With a total of 16 attractions, Wild Wild Wet brings a whole new level of adrenaline rush for adventure-takers.

For couples who are looking to have a staycation and finding activities to do, Wild Wild Wet has a hotel here as well right beside the waterpark, and you will definitely have a full day of fun time at the waterpark. After that, there is the Market Square with lots of retail stores and food. So, food and activities and accommodation settled!

In this review, I’ll be touching on the rides that we had as well as tips when visiting Wild Wild Wet. This is a long post, so click on the table of contents to jump straight to the section you want to read!

Do note that there are some restrictions on the rides and services due to Covid, such as

Temporary rides closure for Jacuzzi and Shiok River.

Staggering of rides at hourly intervals for: Free Fall, Slide Up, Torpedo, Vortex, Waterworks

Rides at Wild Wild Wet

Kraken Racers

I was so scared to take this ride because Adventure Cove had a similar ride and i zek tio my sides and veered off my mat. I’m a noob in this kind of water activities. So there was a short queue right at the end of the ride where people were waiting for the mats. You gotta get a mat then queue up for your ride. I recommend going in even numbers, so that all can partake in the ride at the same time! The mat was more sturdy and much needless to say, I practically screamed the entire ride. And it was scary, but quite fun! The boy likes it alot, adrenaline rush for him.

Kraken Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 5

Speed Factor: 5

Thrill Factor: 5

Minimum Height107cm
Water DepthNA
Seating ArrangementUp to 4 pax per ride

Royal Flush

Next we went for Royal Flush, my kind of excitement. This is my favourite ride of all. The 4 of us, it was a double date, we went for the ride, just nice, 4 people in 1 float, see that’s why i recommend a group of 4 when you go to wild wild wet. It slides down the tunnel from a height, up a near-vertical wall and flings onto the curves at crazy fast speeds. Super fun, i love this! I screamed all the way, poor ears of my friends. Another adrenaline rush ride. We went for this ride thrice consecutively.

Royal Flush Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 4

Speed Factor: 4

Thrill Factor: 4

Minimum Height122cm
Water DepthNA
Seating ArrangementMaximum 4 pax per raft
RemarksMaximum weight 320kg. Minimum 35kg per pax

Slide Up

This Slide Up ride, I nearly slide out of my seat. So you plunge down a four-storey ramp, you accelerate and slide up to the opposite side, just as its name goes. I almost had to be accompanied by an adult, well no need, the boyfie accompany me, HAHA. When we slide down, i screamed with all my might and the boy felt me floating up from my seat, and quickly pressed me down with his legs, luckily he had strong thick legs that forced me back into my seat and gave me the sense of security as i screamed my lungs out. This ride had more thrill factor than the Kraken Ride. I like this ride, as i’m not going solo. HAHA

Slide up Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 2

Speed Factor: 4

Thrill Factor: 5

Minimum Height147cm
Water DepthNA
Seating Arrangement2 pax per tube
RemarksMaximum weight 270kg. Children between 1.2m and 1.46m must be accompanied by an adult. Children below 1.2m are strictly not permitted on the slide.

Vortex at Wild Wild Wet

Picture taken from Wild Wild Wet Website

This Vortex ride looks like just a super long enclosed slide, but I underestimated it. As I slide down, it just gets faster and faster until I felt abit dizzy, but still in the rightful position, crossed arms, intertwined legs and the colour in the tunnel, whoa, I tell you ar, it just gets so fast and the ride was quite long. Then the next moment, i see light and a big splash. Quite a thriller ride, but definitely less thrilling than the slide up ride. Dizzy ride as well for me.

Vortex Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 4

Speed Factor: 5

Thrill Factor: 4

Minimum Height122cm
Water DepthNA
Seating Arrangement1 pax per slide
RemarksMaximum weight of 136kg

Free Fall, Wild Wild Wet’s Vertical Drop Yellow Slide Ride

When I saw this ride, I knew it, the boy 100% sure go for the ride. And I 100% sure find ways to siam this ride. Luckily we had a double date so hehe, i joined my friends to wait for the Tsunami chill ride as the boy queued for this free fall ride. The boy enjoyed it, it was a ride that finished in 4 seconds.

Free Fall Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 5

Speed Factor: 5

Thrill Factor: 5

Minimum Height122cm
Water DepthNA
Seating Arrangement1 pax per slide
RemarksMaximum weight 136kg

Torpedo at Wild Wild Wet

Picture from Headout Blog

I didn’t have the guts to try the torpedo ride, it was too scary for me. I didn’t fancy the thought of swallowing water and scares me. So for this ride, one steps into the capsule, and the floor ‘gives way’, so you experience free falling down from 6 storeys high with twists and turns into an enclosed tube, the ride is 7 seconds long, and the boy swallowed alot of water. But he loves it alot.

Torpedo Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 5

Speed Factor: 5

Thrill Factor: 5

Minimum Height122cm
Water Depth0.4m
Seating ArrangementOne pax per slide
RemarksMaximum weight 136 kg

The Water Works

Picture taken from Wild Wild Wet

This Water Works ride was okay, not a thrill ride, more of a moderate ride. Quite chill pill. But I think because we started off with the thrill rides, so this ride was a little slow for me. But it will be perfect if you like slower rides and non-enclosed ride. Lots of curves and turns, and it is more of a splash ride at the end.

The Water Works Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 5

Speed Factor: 2

Thrill Factor: 2

Minimum Height122cm
Water Depth1.0m
Seating ArrangementOne pax per slide
RemarksMaximum weight 136kg per pax

Ular-Lah at Wild Wild Wet

Picture taken from Wild Wild Wet

This ride is like a chill pill as compared to the Royal Flush ride. So it is touted as the first raft slide in Southeast Asia, and it makes you feel like you have braving the rapids. Quite fun but less thrilling than Royal Flush. We went for this once.

I think this is suitable for the family as well, we saw A LOT of children queueing to take the extreme rides such as Free Fall, Slide  Up, Torpedo, Vortex, Kraken Racers, Royal Flush but they had to be turned away as they were not able to meet the minimum weight or height. Some parents were too afraid to take the rides so the children couldnt take it.

Hence if you are thinking you come to wild wild wet, most children dare not take rides. I tell you, you completely WRONG. When the boy and the rest were pushing me to take the Kraken ride, the kids were looking at me, and I was like, ARGH, why you little kids so brave ah, now big sister have to take to show you i’m not a weakling.

Ular-Lah Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 3

Speed Factor: 3

Thrill Factor: 3

Minimum Height122cm
Water Depth1.2m
Seating ArrangementMaximum of 6 pax
RemarksMaximum weight of 453kg. Children between 1.0m and 1.21m to be accompanied by an adult.

Tsunami at Wild Wild Wet

Ohhhh this is the most relaxing ride that we took, just sunbask in our float as the artificial tsunami comes, i think mothers will like this best. But they restrict at a certain depth, 1.2m, so you cant float to the deeper depth. Not sure if this is a covid restriction or not.

Tsunami Ride Information:

Splash Factor: 2

Speed Factor: 1

Thrill Factor: 1

Water Depth1.8m (they say lah, but they restrict)
Seating ArrangementNA
RemarksChildren to be accompanied by an adult

Kids Friendly Rides at Wild Wild Wet

There are a couple of rides but when we went, the Shiok River, Jacuzzi, Yippie! were restricted presumably due to Covid measures. We didn’t try any of the kids rides though. Families who are keen to bring children to water park, you can bring your children to the other rides.

Kidz Zone at Wild Wild Wet

Because kids want to play extreme rides, but are unable to meet the minimum height nor weight. At the kidz zone, there are miniature versions of the big rides.

Water DepthLanding pool water depth 0.45m
Seating ArrangementTornado slide requires usage of 36″ tubes
RemarksChildren below 1.22m only. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Splash Play

When we went this ride was closed as well.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wild Wild Wet

What do you wear to wild wild wet

There are swimming dress codes – modest swimwear or shorts and t-shirts at all times.

Is Outside Food Allowed in Wild Wild Wet?

No, it is not allowed. But there is a F&B outlet inside the waterpark – Breeze Cafe & Ice Cream Stop. It’s a halal-certified restaurant.

How much are wild wild wet tickets?

Oh i love this question, well when i was scouring for ticket prices, on the official website.

Adult (13 yrs & above)Public: $24 NTUC Union Member: Receive $4 WWW Voucher*Public: $32 NTUC Union Member: Receive $4 WWW Voucher*
Child (3 – 12 yrs) Senior Citizen (55 years old & above) nEbO memberPublic: $18 NTUC Union Member: Receive $2 WWW Voucher*Public: $24 NTUC Union Member: Receive $2 WWW Voucher*
U Live Member^ / Pioneer & Merderka Generation^ / Toddler (Below 3 yrs old)FreeFree
Family Package (2 Adults & 2 Children)Public: $78 NTUC Union Member: Receive $10 WWW Voucher*Public: $102 NTUC Union Member: Receive $10 WWW Voucher*

But i got my ticket from Klook at SGD15 only!

Update (6/4/21): I realised mine was on promotion hence it was much cheaper.

Does wild wild wet have lockers?

Yes! It is right outside the toilet, when you enter the gantry turn right, you will see the toilet as well as the cafe. You can’t miss it.

Locker SizePeak (per day)Off-Peak (per day)
Extra Large$20$18
$2 off for Wild & Wet Premium Members

When we went, there was a promotion for Cabana at only $18 for the whole day and it includes 4 bottles of water. We regret not taking up the promotion and took the Medium Sized locker to keep 4 bags. So if you are planning to go to wild wild wet, go for the Cabana.

What can you do at Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet is a water theme park with rides ranging from kids friendly ones to medium and extreme rides for thrill seekers. Scroll to the top of my blog post to read review of each ride and see which rides you prefer!

Does wild wild wet provide towels?

When we went, no towels were provided till further notice. I think this is part of the Covid restriction. Even so, i think you won’t be needing towels much. I didnt see families wrapping towels around their children. But after the rides and when you go washup/shower, please bring your own toiletries. It is not provided.

How do i get to Wild Wild Wet?

Wild Wild Wet is located in Downtown East.

The address: 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Downtown East, Singapore 519599.

You can get to Wild Wild Wet by foot or bus or car.

To go to Downtown East by public transport, take MRT to Pasir Ris, then take bus 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354, 358 for 1 stop only. Alight at Downtown East bus stop.

Alternatively, it is just a 10 minutes walk from Pasir Ris Mrt. Check out my friend’s MRT map in Singapore.

Use Google Maps, key your current location and put destination as Wild Wild Wet.

What bus goes to downtown east from Pasir Ris Interchange?

Bus 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354, 358,it is just 1 stop, do alight at Downtown East bus stop.

Visitor Information

Things to bring to Wild Wild Wet

Bring your toiletries, change of clothes, swimwear and water bottles. But do note that you are not allowed to wear loose items for the rides. So i suggest to not even bring your necklaces, rings, just leave them at home. But if you forgot, and brought loose items, then you will have to keep them in the lockers. Or get a Cabana, cabana have lockers inside.


There are free basic and giant floats, life jacket, sunbed, toilet shower for you to use. However you will have to pay for lockers and cabana. Towel rental requires a SGD10 deposit but when we went, there were no towel service, presumably a covid measure.

Rain code at Wild Wild Wet

This is something we hope not to happen when we are at a waterpark! So apparently there is a rain code at wild wild wet.

If attractions remain closed beyond 90 minutes due to inclement weather, wild wild wet will revalidate tickets (Return visit voucher) for use within the next 60 days.

My my, this is good news for us!! Makes me feel less worried about bad weather if I go to Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet opening hours

Wild Wild Wet is open from Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 6pm.

Closed on Tuesday.

We went on a saturday at 12pm and there were many families and couples. We spent most of our time queueing, i think we queued like 4hrs+ with each ride only 1minute at most. Only for the Tsunami, our ride was much longer about 15-20 minutes long. So I would suggest to go during off-peak periods.

Wild Wild Wet Map

How much are wild wild wet cabana

The cabanas are usually very expensive like 100+ SGD but when we went, there was a promotion at 18 bucks. I strongly recommend you to get the cabana instead so you don’t need to wait in the long snaking queue to get the lockers.

Are there any Wild Wild Wet height limit

Please see my review for each ride above, the height limit for each ride are indicated, hope this helps!

Wild Wild Wet Student Price

I didnt come across any student price, only found Seniors, Children, Adult prices. But you can try klook! I got my tickets from Klook and its cheaper than buying from Wild Wild Wet website directly.

Book at Klook Now!


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