ClassPass in Singapore : Reviews, Deals and My Experience

Always up for trying different fitness classes or studios? Then you might want to consider Classpass membership in Singapore! Personally, I am a ClassPass member and I have been using this service for about 1 year.

I can say that it has changed my fitness experience by giving me the opportunity to try out different classes, gyms and trainers without having to invest a fortune on one membership. It is value for money. If I were to sign up for membership classes with each of the studio that i go to, it would add up to quite a sum.

Whereas, the ClassPass credits are really great because I can use them at any of the studios in the ClassPass network.

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What is Classpass

Founded in 2013, Classpass is a class booking platform that allows you to book classes at different fitness studios, gyms and wellness centres. It can be used in over 2500 cities and 28 countries. And you can use it to access over 500 studios in Singapore. From muay thai, yoga, boxing, dance to spin classes, you will be spoilt for choices.

It also means if i go overseas, i can still go to studio and exercise, how cool is that!

It’s like having a gym membership but without the commitment or high price tag!

How does Classpass Work

The first step is to choose how many credits you want, and which class types are available.

Classes are categorized according to different styles, so it’s easy for users to spot what they need. It also makes the service more accessible because one can try out new classes without having a long-term commitment. They have something called “Browse class” where certain categories of class are listed based on your preferences or location—such as yoga studios in Orchard Road etc. The credits go towards trying any class that suits your preference! Certain classes cost fewer credits while some cost more, generally the more popular ones cost more credits.

What’s available in Classpass

So when I first used it, I only used it for yoga, HIIT. But recently I  found that a lot more services are offered as well, such as body massage, gym pass to gyms in Hotels, manicure, pedicure services, personal grooming services. So to date, I’ve tried full-body massages, personal grooming, gym passes, dance classes with it. Very useful.

When Covid struck, they started having live streams. So i signed up for live streams and the coach was really attentive and helped us to correct our forms. This makes me all the more, keen to choose the live stream over my usual Youtube videos.

Now when I just checked, they offer staycations as well. That is really interesting!

Check out their listing on their site:

Top Muay Thai Classes in Classpass Singapore

Top Spin Classes in Classpass Singapore

Top Yoga Classes in Classpass Singapore

Top Boxing Classes in Classpass Singapore

Top Dance Classes in Classpass Singapore

Classpass Price Plans

8 CreditsSGD 19/mo25 CreditsSGD 59/mo45 CreditsSGD 99/mo85 CreditsSGD 185/mo150 CreditsSGD 315/mo

Book classes & appointments worldwide

Adjust or cancel your plan at any time

Invite friends to join you and score rewards for each friend who signs up

Classpass Free Trial

I just checked the website and this is what it entails for the free trial:

  • 20 credits to book classes and appointments free for 14 days
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Can roll over unused credits up to the number of credits in your next month’s plan
classpass free trial

Previously when I signed up for free trial, we were given 25 credits, which I signed up for

  • spin class
  • dance class
  • yoga class

My Experience with Classpass in Singapore

What I like about ClassPass

  • No contracts – it’s month to month and you can cancel anytime!
  • You get a lot of classes for your buck (per class) compared to a normal gym membership. It is cheaper than most yoga studios as well, especially if one plans on going regularly because ClassPass memberships come with perks such as discounts at other wellness centres.
  • going for classes at off-peak hours is cheaper than evenings after work
  • unused credits can be rolled over to the next month, so when covid restriction kicked in, ClassPass allowed us to roll over all our credits for that affected month to the next month. Up to the total number of credits in our plan every month. Eg: if you’re on a 25 credit plan, you can roll over up to 25 unused credits into your next cycle. I like this as i get to maximise my credits and go for different services, eg: massages.
  • they often have discounts on the number of credits for a class
  • there is a feature where i can invite my friend to join the workout with me, studies have shown how overweight people can lose more weight if they spend time with their fit friends. Having friends to work out with me motivates me to exercise too!

So far, these are the classes that I’ve attended if you’re wondering:

RAWR FIITness (at Core Collective) – LiveStream Cardio Core HIIT

RAWR FIITness (at Core Collective) – LiveStream Strength HIIT

Virgin Active Raffles Place – Gym Pass

HelpHer Do Better – HIIT Cardiomix Online 7 HHDB

Haus Atheltics – Online Class Meltdown

Trium Fitness – Yin Yoga Livestream

IBHSKIN – Meridian Eyelift Therapy

L’Essenza Singapore – 90 mins Total Rejuvenation Body Massage

Beatfactory Fitness – Kpop MV

J Platform – K-Kardio Dance

Hale Yoga Studio – Vinyasa Flow

FunFit – JumpFitBoot [Hot Program]

Activ.Co – Reformer 1

Absolute Cycle – Spin Beginner

What is the drawback of ClassPass

  • You may not find your favourite studio in classpass. I wanted to attend Converge, O school classes but they are not on Classpass
  • Some classes are limited on classpass, so you need to camp for your slot especially if they are really popular

This ClassPass service is most suitable if you are like me who likes trying different studios and hopping around. But if you prefer to stick to one, you might want to compare if its cheaper to buy a membership with your studio or to use ClassPass instead.

In certain cases, it was cheaper. But in certain cases that I heard, it was more expensive. So it is on a case by cases basis. You gotta do your own research 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions on Classpass

is ClassPass really free?

If you try the free trial, then yes.

is it hard to cancel Classpass?

No, it was rather easy to cancel! They will also remind your 2 days before your trial ends so you can make changes or cancel if it’s not your thing. Don’t worry about it!

Do you save money with ClassPass?

This really depends on your studio. In some cases, I heard that its really cheaper. But in some cases, it was more expensive.  So you need to check with the studio that you are aiming for.

Can i cancel a class on ClassPass?

Yes! Always remember to cancel within the timeframe! It differs per studio. Always check the early cancellation timeframe. You dont want to miss a class and still get charged for it! 

What is considered late cancellation?

Usually when you sign up for a class, scroll down and you can see the timeframe for cancellation. If u cancel within the stipulated timeframe, then you dont need to pay extra. But if you fail to cancel within that timeframe, then classpass will charge you for it. So, i always take note of the cancellation time frame just in case my schedule changes.

Can you reschedule a class on ClassPass?

I reschedule my slot by cancelling the existing slot then choosing the new desired slot. 

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