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Hi, I’m a petite girl with a passion for digital marketing. Pardon my pouted face, I super seldom selfie.

Why I started blogging

I started blogging many years ago when I was on my student exchange programme in Korea at Seoul National University. It was intended to be my online diary for me to walk down the memory lane years later.

After my exchange ended, I stopped blogging till recently, I started again to write reviews. I get the sense of satisfaction whenever readers tell me how useful my post is to them.

What I blog about

I blog about things I go through in life, as well as reviews of products, food, etc.

NUS student exchange programme with SNU

I have also prepared a guide to application for Exchange at Seoul National University, to help juniors who are preparing for their exchange programme.

Throughout my time during my exchange programme, I documented down all my adventures, I consolidated a long list of activities to do in Korea, as well as the accommodations I stayed at.

So if you are planning to travel to Korea / looking for things to do in Korea, look no further.

My Career Switch

I entered the workforce and used to be in the construction industry. After a few years of working, I realised that I have a dwindling interest in my field hence I did a year of part-time studies at Singapore Polytechnic in Marketing Management. Working full time while studying part-time was really tough as I had a lot of projects for almost all my modules. It was a year of burning midnight oil and sacrificing my social life. After I completed my part-time studies, I also took up udemy courses in digital marketing.

And with some stroke of luck, i finally managed to do a career change into the digital marketing and advertising industry.


“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source.”

― Warren Buffett

What he said is so true, so apt. Hence, I’m getting myself to be acquainted with investment and picking up books to read more about it.

My travels but Covid was a bummer

As a typical millennial, I enjoy travelling as I love visiting a new foreign place and I strongly feel that my travel adventures opens my eyes to a whole new world.

So far, I’ve written reviews on my travels to Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Bintan and my maiden cruise trip onboard Voyager Of The Seas with Royal Caribbean.

Recently with the Covid situation, it was not possible to travel. Hence I went for this virtual tour to Moscow instead.

Products that I tried/Food hunts with the boy

Apart from that, I also do reviews for products that I try such as the Daiso Scalp Massager and the Bodyluv Pillow from Korea.

I’m a firm believer in saving for the rainy days and I’m constantly on the lookout for value-for-money deals. Read my review on Pot Addiction, a hot pot at sembawang sun plaza. Check out some tips on ordering at Shi li fang, or try the famous katong chicken, have your breakfast at the Club, and indulge in the famous Tan Yu, everybody loves mala.

I’m always looking for petite clothes

As I’m below 1.50m, it is quite hard to find clothes that fit me hence, I’m always on the hunt for shops that cater to my sizing. Hit me up if you know any!

Researching on Activities to do/ Date ideas in Singapore

My fiance and I love finding things to do and immersing ourselves in experiences together, such as going for a themed dining experience, a book analysis workshop, being suaku and trying out Gold Village Gold Class Express , skating indoor because outdoor is just so passe, feeding cute goat at Hay Diaries and pampering ourselves with Spa.

Getting my first home

I have also recently balloted for a flat via the open booking exercise, and have prepared a step by step guide to applying for open booking, so if you are researching on it, you’re at the right place!

Connect With Me

Find me on @simplypeiqi(Instagram), and LinkedIn or email me at simplypeiqi@gmail.com 

Opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of any organization that I am part of.

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