War Memorial of Korea + Kstyle Hairstyling Session at M Plaza

Woke up late cos of my hangover. Had a hard night sleeping. I went to bed earlier around 1am KST i think…but i kept tossing and turning in bed and felt nauseous. But luckily i didnt vomit and felt better when i woke up. I had a slight headache when i left my goshiwon to go out, nontheless, the thought of visiting war memorial of Korea kept me excited.

As my goshiwon is near a kimbab store, about 10seconds walk from my goshiwon, i bought a 계란길김밥( not sure if i typed it correctly) as my brunch.

Its basically just the usual kimbab but wrapped with additional layer of egg. 

My favourite kimbab. Second favourite is tuna kimbab.

It was snowing a little at SNU station

small snow flakes on my hair

By the time i met the rest at Samgakji Station, it was snowing , and it gradually grew heavier, much to our excitement. We started to take loads of photos around the War Memorial of Korea. We hadnt even went into the memorial/museum yet. Please understand us, we seldom get to see snow, so that explains our excitement whenever we see snow. I think we spent close to 1.5hours snapping photos in the snow. My hands grew numb from it. Love my boots, it held me warm quite well even when my boots were covered in snow.

All around the Memorial, we could see the large military equipment on display. It feels surreal that those very equipment was used in the past or even if they were replica, it just feels surreal to me. 

Photo spam:

sitting on the snow! it wasnt as cold as ive expected
covered in snow
my hp camera lens became wet with melted snow
the useless umbrella. cuz the snow flew below it onto me

Finally we were done with photo-taking and we went into the museum!

covered with snow. My bag was utterly wet. But luckily, it was water-resistant so my items were dry but cold.
random shot, it looked pretty

Inside the war memorial, there were 4D screening rooms. But i didnt quite like the 4D cuz the 3D glasses made me felt very dizzy and nauseous. But i like the seats, they were wayyy better than the sinchon 4D seats that i tried. At least the movements of the seats were more intense, which i like. To me, its like if i want to watch 4D, i like intense movements of my seats then ill feel that im inside the movie. otherwise i feels fake.

There were 3 levels but we went to only 2. At one of the levels, there was a cafe. I like the view at the cafe .

doesnt it look like switzerland? (;

i liked it but i regretted leaving too early. there was a photobooth that i didnt have time to try. i think i only spent 1hour inside, which was too short. 2hours should be enough. it also depends if you are a person who likes museum. Some of my friends who went in were quite bored by it and left early, so for them, 1hour was more than enough. I would prefer that the 4D screening have better 3D glasses , otherwise it makes it less enjoyable cuz we felt giddy. Oh and its free admission too! i like that its so near the metro station, so accessible. 

Samgakji Station (Subway Lines 4, 6), Exit 12. It is 5min away from the station

I didnt take the bus, but here are some info i obtained from visitkorea website.

NO. 149, 150, 151, 152, 500, 501, 504, 506, 507, 605, 750A, 750B, 751, 752 (Samgakji Station)
NO. 110B, 730, 421 (Main entrance of The War Memorial of Korea)

After that, i left as i had to attend a kstyle hairstyling session at myeongdong at 4pm with Yiyi. I expected the instructions to be in english as it was only for foreigners, so when it turned out to be in korean, i was a little disappointed. But luckily they had a staff who knows english so she sat beside us to act as our translator.

We were taught on what is going to be the trend next year during spring/summer. Then they taught us how to tie a bun with ribbons.

Photo spam again:

we were taught the first photo hairstyle, a modified version with ribbon
he is famous for styling celebrities’ hair, demo-ing on one of the participants
Yiyi helping me to do my hair ^^v

tada! for once, i was quite satisfied with my side view. usually my side view is horrible

Yupps so that was the end of my day , Yiyi took a video of how to tie the hair w ribbon so ive to wait for her to send it to me before i can upload it!

I only knew about this hairstyling session when Yiyi told me about it. Apparently the tourism centre organises activities for free quite often, so do follow their facebook for their updates! From what i remember, they organised temple stay, hanji-making session(korean paper) and many other activities for free! So if you are on tight budget but want to explore more of korean culture, stalk their updates! LOL!!!

it was quite fun learning to style our hair. but it would be better that it was in english to cater to more people. the session was rather short. about 1h 15mins only. Do follow Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Centre. They often organise free activities. click here! 

Ah when you have signed up for their activities they will email you the directions to their centre (:

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