Butterfinger Pancakes at Gangnam

Woke up late in the morning and was rushing on my project. Then Jen came to my room to explore my room and she was in for a shock. Her eyes grew wide as she glanced at the size of my room.


Frankly speaking, when i stayed in my Goshiwon aka shoebox room, I felt lucky that i was fun-sized. Some of my friends told me they couldn’t stretch their legs straight when they sleep without hitting something. I was able to stretch my legs all the way ^^v

The Famous Butterfinger Pancakes at Gangnam, Seoul

Back to the topic of this post, I decided to try this restaurant’s food as i heard that it was really good. I am not really adventurous in food, i prefer to stick to food that i usually eat and seldom try new stuff unless my friends force me. But in Korea, my mentality changed so here i am, trying the Butterfinger Pancakes!

The ambience of the restaurant was nice, westernized. There were 2 levels. I like the architecture of the restaurant. They had both comfy sofa chairs & high chairs.

As it was our first time to this restaurant and we didnt know what is nice or what to order. We asked the waiter for suggestion and he recommended Split Decision to us. He spoke some English so ordering was a breeze.

You can choose how you want the egg to be prepared, the sauce u want and the butter. We chose scrambled eggs, maple syrup and butter.

Jen had too little sleep the previous night hence she was half awake the whole time while eating it.

Butterfinger Pancakes Review:

Rating: 5/5
I love the scrambled eggs. Butterfinger pancakes were soft and super good. The bacon was not too salty, just nice. The sausage and ham were good. It cost 21800won. The serving was so huge that we shared it, and it kept us super full. Almost everything is carbohydrate. They say that it’s best for breakfast but I didnt know it so we had it as our brunch ard 3+pm. It was so good that i went another time with Yuni to eat it, and we ate the same thing hahaha (:

Directions to Butterfinger Pancakes at Gangnam

Gangnam Exit 10, walk straight and when you see The Body Shop, turn left into the street and walk straight for 2minutes. You will see Butterfinger Pancakes on your left.

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