Last Day of school at SNU

Woke up early in the morning as we thought that today would be the last snow we will be able to see before we leave kimchi-land.
Armed with a semi-pro camera but coupled with amateur photo taking skills,


As of today, my semester in school has officially come to a close. Today was my last day of school at SNU. Snapped a lot of photos not for the scenery but mostly for the memories.

while waiting for the bus
my goshiwon is at the street that you are looking at now!
the usual shuttle bus ride to school(:


ewww , so thats how dirty snow becomes. yuck.first time see it
my boots were really comfy. didnt feel the cold penetrating through my boots at all ^^ but the snow wasnt very thick either so the moment i moved my boots, ack can see the soil underneath.
I was running late for my economics class, but hey imma exchange student, shall snap more photos before i run to my class! Snapping my photos as i made my way to my class!
down the slope i go!
good bye administrative building, student centre, shuttle bus
to the pavement near bldg 200
wish they didnt sweep the snow so early! istill wanna play with snowwww
Sinlin was whatsapping,’ eh whr yall, hurry come. only 5 people in class’
Our econs prof gave us a treat to pizzas and had a movie screening (The inconvenient Truth) for us.
Gina and Konrad
me,Pat,Gina.Konrad,Our Prof,Sinlin, Teckpoh( Not in picture)
After that we parted and i was wondering what to do for the day. I decided to take a romantic walk with my camera and snap lotsa photos of the school for memories 
student centre canteen, getting our food in a different way. Dont get what i mean? check out my post under ‘Food’
during autumn, when the leaves hadnt dropped, the scenery at admin building was really gorgeous
from Jahayon Pond, i strolled to Business faculty where they had a soccer field.
i like the view here as you can see the city from atop the mountain. Business is situated on the top of the hill. Not at the summit though.
leaving my footprints
hehe didnt wan to use my korean name. liddat no one noes hu is pei qi. hehehehe. cuz my korean friends know me as 민지 ^^v
bldg 113 at business faculty , there is a global atm here!
I walked down the slope to the main gate. Hadnt been here before. My first time and last time here. LOL
Alright, last photo of SNU and goodbye!
See the bus in the background? The bus in white and yellow with blue streak? Thats the shuttle bus !
There is an airport bus here!

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