USS! here we COME!!!

date:last thurs 26/5
we went to USS with shanying, crystalene,alicia,pei qing, eliza,jane,ching shean, xin mei (:
at first i made up my mind not to try the battlestar galactica at all as it looks scary and i was afraid that i might puke or faint if i tried it.
we met up at vivo den we went to the broadwalk and to reached USS, our first ride was the Revenge of the Mummy. the entrance in was very eerie as it kept us winding in circles and the music that was played, it gave me goosebumps.when we were walking deeper into the maze to try the ride, XM kept making random screams to scare us. v good job in scaring me. i kept mumbling and praying that ill be okayys. cuz im scared of mummies. so i wasnt v sure whether i wld enjoy the ride or not.
i sat in the middle w shanying and alicia and jane. throughout the ride, the mummy spoke.v scary voice. we sat in the carriage, it move forward, then suddenly it jerked to a stop. then it lurged forward fast.i grabbed the railings tight. den it suddenly accelerated backwards , my head was flung forward. den remembering the safety rules on keeping head to the seat rest, i made a mental note to follow the rules. i closed my eyes tight and din open, then suddenly we were in pitch darkness,and the carriage lurge to the left and right violently. i grabbed the railings tighter den suddenly the ride ended. i enjoyed the part where we were thrown left and right violently but i grabbed my railings firmly.
after the ride, everyone was like saying, ‘ damn scary! i nearly died when it was total darkness,cant see anything at all’
i was feeling v happy w myself that i did not find it scary, basically cuz i closed my eyes, so it wasnt scary. since it was very fun, we went for the 2nd time. this time i opened my eyes abt 1/2 of the ride. this time, there was one part where the mummies suddenly sprang infront of us, i was freaked out. however overall it was okayys.
ratings for mummy: 4/5
review:the ride should be longer. it is too short.
after the mummy ride, we went to take Dino-soaring , keke pwn all the little kids. we da jie jie ride the rides ^^ i kept pressing the button to fly higher. WHEEEE!
ratings : -nil-
then we had the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure, i din bring a set of clean clothes so i borrowed shan’s poncho. the staff who helped us into the raft said,’ dun worry, you guys will be wet, it is only a matter of how wet u will be’ den we all laughed. thankfully i wasnt wet much, only my shoes were wet, my top and bottom, totally dry ^^
jane alicia and crys were thoroughly wet as a jet of water poured onto them from head to toe.
ratings for rapid adventure:5/5 (if u want to be wet)
after the wet ride, we went for enchanted airways, to air our clothes. the ride was very similar to genting highlands’s dragon ride. i had the sensation that i was going to fall out of my seat and screamed. actually i screamed at almost every ride 😉
ratings: 4/5
den for relaxation, we went for madagascar crate adventure, at the initial part, i nearly tot the crate was gna crash on us and i ducked.den i realise that its juz a ride nia. quite lame thrill factor, but oh well,its a ride for children (: it was basically sumarising the story of madagascar.
after that, we decided to try the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round , i sat on the lowest one since i was afraid i cant come down easily. den we swayed abt while on it.
now, hungry, we went for lunch at Goldilocks, i forgot it was like kfc,can ask for drumsticks and wings. waited for quite some time for our chicken to come. by the time it arrived, everyone has finished their food. me just started. the chicken was v hot and oily. prefer kfc’s chicken. less oily.
after our lunch, we went to watch 4D Shrek’s movie. kinda cool and fun when our seats rocked while we were on donkey.and when donkey sneezed, water splashed at us. sensational!
then we went to watch Water World.
the story was so-so la abt finding dry lands as icecaps are melting. and villains and heroes.the usual story line. the actors kept splashing people with water and dousing them. after the show, we went to try out the Battlestar Galactica!
at first i dun dare to try the ride as it seemed too scary, so i waited with crys for the rest to try out the human ride first den i asked them for their reviews.after much encouragement and persuasion, i finally tried the human, i closed my eyes for the entire ride. when the carriage slide down 85 degree, i screamed till no air. when i no air, the carriage was still plunging downwards, i screamed again, and no air agn. this time i was tired of screaming, so i shut my mouth for the rest of the ride. since the seat only had a harness or whateva i dono how to call that to hold my torso firmly, but i felt like falling out of my seat when it swerved left and right.
ratings:4/5(due to the falling sensation)
after the ride, we tried canopy flyer.sat w crys and she was like asking,’ peiqi,this ride no sudden drop right?’
me:hmm i dun think so AHHHHHHHH-(started screaming halfway while answering her as the seat suddenly slide ,damn funny after tt, i started laughing after screaming)
kept laughing at myself throughout the ride and screaming too. laugh and scream tgt. best combo.
den crys liked the ride so we rode agn and sat backwards. they have 4 seat. 2 seats forward.2seats backwards. like those seats in bus. front and back. whoa backwards was scary as u dono what direction u are going by. i screamed even more. freaking scary!
thrill factor: 4/5
then this time i tried the craziest ride,BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CYLON!!!!
i enjoyed this ride the most. super thrilling. super high. i removed my specs and put on the floor. during the ride, i close my eyes and peeked abit only.but everytime i peeked,i was upright and not upside down. cldnt even tell when i was upside down i clung onto my seat v hard.very comfortable harness.i hugged it super tightly like a bolster. after the ride, my head was spinning,i felt v giddy.
w/o my specs, i was like fumbling for it. cant even c it. i went to the exact spot where i last placed my specs and was like mumbling,’ahh where is my specs’ then a little boy reached out and said,’ is this your specs?’ i was like ,’oh yes!! thank you so much!!!’ super happy that i found my specs.
then i walked down the stairs very slowly cuz i was very giddy. den cs was like ,’ u okay?’ me: i feel giddy. cs:ah its like that de. u will get used to it (: me: oh? hehe thts good ^^
glad that cs persuaded me to try the craziest ride, well money well spent ^^ i wan go again! this time mayb…with my colleagues? :DDDDD

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