December holidays

It was an eventful holiday. A pretty short one, about 1 month holiday.
My goal to revise my korean  failed badly. But anyway, i had lotsa fun during my holiday.
Managed to meetup with my sec and jc besties a few times.
Searching for jobs with only 1 month to spare was really tough, but even so i managed to secure 4 jobs. Worked at takashimaya selling puma retail stuff , made a new friend there and had fun even though we worked full time for 5 days.
Yoko worked its magic when i applied it every night after standing for long hours, as such i didnt have any muscle ache when i was working.
Worked at Changi airport and distributed sweets to children. It was delightful to see children, tottering after me for sweets. 2 children followed me around for sweets, uber cuteness ^^
Distributed flyer for La Fiesta, quite good pay and working hours was short.
Yes i worked during my holiday, but of course i also went out.
Initially i stayed home and realised that i preferred to go out, since other than using the computer at home to check fb twitter, there was nothing much to do.yeah i cleanly forgot about mugging korean. no motivation eh.
Every wednesday was booked as i had hiphop dance rehearsals. It was fun dancing, the seniors were really good.

Some photos of what i did during the holidays

me w bro. gah cldnt find foto of shan and crys.
jc chinese lesson dearies ^^
ahma’s new hairstyle, super like! blurry foto though. ahma,xy and me
my jie v chio rite (;
another chio bu jas w me (;
RWS w shan crys 😀
my jellyfsh masterpiece. damn nice rite, artistic eh
work in progress
yn bday, we selfentertaining ourselves, oops tim’s face got cut
ahah all faces in it! missing joanna joey bday girl serene qijin sze
at ws hse, sze ser and me 😀 hehe almost same height yeah ^^
Perhaps last sem , i studied until siao. i ended up on a movie marathon, its considered a marathon to me cuz i seldom watch so many movies in a wk. mayb to those avid movie-goers, its considered normal. well anw.
forgot to take ralph movie tix stud from khushi, but was looking at my movie tix and i realised, omg i watched 5movies in a week! i watched ralph on 5th jan, i remembered. no wonder i felt like ive watch quite a number of movies. only when i tracked my expenses then i realised. $ fly away.
Movie Reviews:
1)Ralph- good. i like the creativity 5/5 . and the characters were cute ^^
2)Taxi Taxi- not bad 4/5 it highlights about status quo. so what if you are a taxi driver or a microbiologist. u are an expert in ur own field, u cant really compare it. Makes me think hard about my faculty SDE ,and other faculties. FASS, Dentistry, BIZ, Med, etc.
3) A Werewolf Boy – very touching and heartwrenching. i forgot to bring tissue and half the time i was wiping away my tears w my hands. before movie , my eyes were normal. After movie, my eyes were red from crying. 5/5 sjk was very handsome 🙂
4) Rise of the Guardians- movie was not bad, quite interesting. 5/5 jack frozz is cute , haha and the baby toothfairy was so cute. aigoo
5)Les Miserables- i nearly fell asleep watching it. Guess musicals arent my type. Closed my eyes at all the fighting scenes since i darent watch. the movie was a bit too long imo. 3/5
6) Hobbit – closed my eyes at the fighting scenes too, but i think the movie is rather good . Quite interesting movie 4.5/5
And now, today is the last day of my holiday. Its time to return back to the books.

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