The Week before Flying to SNU

Still in the midst of cramming my level 3 korean, self-proclaim level 3  LOL.

Borrowed notes from my peers to mug on my own, left with less than 1 week to chiong 10+ chp , mugger mode on.
My friend did tell me, aiyah you go korea, can study then ask ur korean friends lah.
But for me, i feel that i want to absorb as much as possible on my own first, and try to rely on myself. Only if to no avail, then ill ask my korean friends.
At first i thought i could get my school dorm, but in the end, i couldnt get it. Quite disappointed at my luck. Oh well, decided to stay at Coco Residence instead with Gina. Thankfully, at least got company. If on my own, ill be damn scared. Foreign country + Language Barrier ://///
Havent done any of my packing yet, still fretting over what to bring. Gonna go buy some more thermal wear, with my size like a kid, but my taste in clothes like an adult, its hard to find clothes to suit me. I refuse to wear children clothes, die die dun want wear. Only wear it when i have no choice at all. Its either suffer the cold or dress like a kid. Right, i rather go with the latter. Super scared of cold.
In Sg, everywhere i go, i bring my jacket. Go NTUC machiam like ice age for me. only go beach den i dun bring cardigan. Take mrt, sometime also damn cold. So you see, i get cold easily.
Since i will be staying in Seoul for sometime, and for memories sake, i decided ill blog while in Seoul. Will try to blog as frequently as possible. I hope that in future, like one decade down the road, i can read my blog and relive my sep days. Sentimental me eh, i like nostalgic stuff.
Also, i experienced difficulty trying to research on sep paperwork, hence i guess when im free, i will post some links or add in some of my experiences on the paperwork for sep.
Okayys, back to mugging my Korean again. Hope i can remember the grammar that i have learnt.

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