My Airasia flight and wifi at Comma Cafe near Hongik Univ Stn

The day has come, its time for me to go to Seoul for my student exchange project(SEP). As much as i know i will miss my family and friends, i knew it is a once in a lifetime chance for me to go on a SEP to Seoul National University.
In order to cut cost, we booked Airasia for ard $400 , rather expensive for a budget flight. Since after that, there was promotion and the price dropped to $250. Yea, heart pain. But oh well, nvm, shant think about that haha. My flight was supposed to be at 9.20pm but it got delayed due to poor weather conditions and air traffic jam. It was delayed till 10.25pm.
For our first flight, after we reached Malaysia for our transit, we walked down the aisle. YUP! cool eh (;
 Then we waited here for our transit flight (from Malaysia to Incheon airport)
Here we are, boarding the plane! 😀 cool experience ^^
 morning sunrise, the clouds look like foam

Then bcos i easily get hungry, i ordered hotcakes when i booked my Airasia tickets online (:

 Tadah, not bad for a budget airline. Quite nice (:
When we reached incheon airport, because we had just too many luggages, and are so not interested to take a cab, we decided to just take the airport limousine bus 6002 to our guesthouse: Seoulwise Guesthouse near Hongik station
 tadah the bus was rather comfy, just pay 10 000won and you can relax on the bus
After that we got off at the hongik station, we lugged our luggages to our guesthouse. Although its only a mere 5mins, it was a torturous 5 mins. I had 1 big luggage , 1 small luggage, 1 laptop bag and 1 bagpack. Super heavy. Next time, i rather cab from the station to the guesthouse.
Well since we used so much strength and energy to heave our luggages to our guesthouse, we were famished. So we went to have our lunch. My mind was a little haywired due to the flight. Had intermitten sleep cuz there was a snoring uncle seated behind us , he snored during the entire flight, freaking loudly.As a result, i kept thinking it was dinner and my friends had to remind me we are having lunch.
 and this is what we had for lunch, KIMCHI HOTPOT!
about 20 000won.
 Looks good hor (;
And because it was so bloody hot, we decided to chill at a cafe and to make use of their wifi at Comma cafe.
 Look at the design of the cafe, cool right, the tall bookshelfs.
Tadah, here we are, from left to right ( me, grace, patricia and yinghui) ^^
Really like the atmosphere in the cafe, i din order anything though, hehe leech on wifi only heeehehhe.

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