Day2 at MyeongDong

Today we decided to go to Myeong Dong to check out the exchange rates since the rates at the banks were pretty lousy.
Waiting and waiting for the train to come
Finally at myeongdong! We went to eat 칼국수 .
Here is the entrance !
View from our seat (:
 Yay i see SHINee ad on skechers(not sure if i spelt correctly)
 me trying to give the artistic melancholy look
 my soybean paste 칼국수 , 맛있어요.

Review: 칼국수 is something like ban mian in Sg. I like the flour taste hence i find it good.
Rating: 5/5

After our lunch, we went to hit the streets. Yinghui bought a cap for herself cuz the weather was far too hot.

 Looking cute (;
 The mascot is so cute!
 omo, 오빠 , super handsomeee

 omo, 오빠 in business suit, even more handsome

our Dinner place ( its in myeongdong, near the main road). We stumbled upon it while wandering a lonesome street that sells luxury winter clothes.
 We had marinated pork w rice , omurice and 냉면  for dinner.
 marinated pork w rice
Review: I think its really good. Love the 냉면 , imma big fan of it liao. Omurice is good as usual. the Marinated pork was nice, not fatty. And their menu was very foreigner friendly, they even draw pictures of pig for their marinated pork w rice to aid foreigners in browsing through the menu.
Ratings: 5/5
 Dropped by Paris Baguette as YH wanted to buy her waterbottle.

Tadah, quite cute hor
 The bakery guy quite cute kekeeke, his hairstyle kinda cuteㅋㅋㅋ

We decided to get some kissing corn food. DeliManjoo.

 This is how they make it, totally automated. it runs on a conveyor belt.
 The storekeeper noticed me snapping off and she helped me open up the cover of the kissing corn to let me take foto, Super good PR skill *thumbs up*
 The corn paste in it.




Review: Yinghui and Patricia loved it , but i am not a sweet tooth, it was kinda too sweet for him. If its less sweet, ill like it.
Rating: 3/5

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