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Woke up near noon and went out to grab brunch.
I love the omelette. It was hugeeee and super super yummy! I like the creative graffiti on the walls.
me and pat
YH and grace. somehow YH reminds me of Raina from Afterschool. Her cheeks.
Ratings: 5/5
The omelette is daebak. All of us were crazy over the omelette. The soup was ok. I cant really remember what we ordered . sorry for the not-informative review. But i strongly recommend you to try the omelette!!
Hongdae station exit 9, turn left and walk straight, then turn right after second intersection, you will see accessories shops on your right. This shop will be on your right too. Its on the second level, so please take note! Here is some pictures for your reference!
After our brunch, we wandered around at hongdae then we stumbled on f(x) . Cuz we were walking halfway then we saw a huge crowd and everyone whipping out their phones. * celebrity alert!*
being a small person, i was able to squeezeee to the front hehehhe, too bad it wasnt a boyband. But, still felt lucky to see them without even planning to see them. Like i didnt even check out their schedule to find out their whereabouts so we considered ourselves lucky.
Since it wasnt a boyband nor was it our favourite bands, so we walked off to Hongdae playground and we saw them AGAIN!
Stroke of luck. We are just fated (;
Well if only, its also like this between me and SHINee
At close up view, sulli is really fair and pretty. Krystal is pretty too. Actually all are pretty.
We stayed to watch them and lucky fan boys got the chance to hug them. Well there was some game played of course, and those who passed the tests were rewarded with free hugs. And they hugged real hard, i think it was krystal or sulli , who took a few steps back cuz she lost her balance when the fan threw his weight on her and hugged her super tightly.
When the show ended, we went off to find some desserts as it was sweltering hot. The sun in korea is scorching hot. It is less humid than Singapore, so i guess the sun rays arent reflected much by the moisture droplets in the air so they penetrate into our skin directly. And i turned a shade darker . Yes, i could see the watch line on my wrist.
I didnt order anything as i didnt feel like eating. The rest ate it and they find it very nice.
Good and must try, well, according to my friends (:
Its opposite the Hongdae playground. Along the streets. Not facing the main road. 
Walk straight out of exit 9 hongdae station till you see a main road that turns to the left. walk along the main road( you should be walking up the hill , the road is on the hill), then you will see hongik university diagonally on your right, now cross the road to the right and walk straight all the way. Follow the pavement , you will find youself walking straight then turning to the right . The dessert shop will be on your right. As you follow the pavement, you will notice the hongdae playground on your left, usually on saturdays, there will be flea markets with students selling their crafts. I did a post on it before, check it out!
After that we made our way to the Namsan Tower/ N Seoul Tower.
We took a bus up.
Grace and I went to the teddy bear museum. I went here before last year but at that time, me and zhenzhen rushed in when it was 15mins to closing time. So i didnt quite enjoy it. This time i went and looked at the exhibits slowly.
The teddy bear museum was divided into two separate galleries. After the first gallery that was basically explaining the history of Seoul with the use of the bears as the citizens, we went to explore the scenery before we take the lift up to the tower. Now we are at the base.
deep in our thoughts
we met YH who was wandering around cuz at that time we hadnt got our korean numbers yet. Yinghui has visited the tower and museums before so she didnt want to visit the museum nor the top of the tower.
Now off we go to the second museum!
The second museum brings us to the modern Seoul, and Kdramas and Kpop- Psy .
so-so , the interesting thing part is using the bears as the citizens to renact the scenes . It is a must-go for teddy bear lovers! I think 2 hours would be more than enough for a visit. 

And now, its time to take the lift up! As the staff beckoned us to enter the lift and look at the ceilings, you will see a video. They timed the video timing perfectly with the momentum of the lift. You need to try it out before you know what i mean.

Ah! i was watching EXO Showtime and they were filming at namsan, including the cable car to the namsan tower.

Namsan part is from 8:36-25:10 timing

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwe-9ODFp_c]

Since it was my second time up the tower, it was just a ok-lor ,that type of feeling.
at the top, there are binoculars for you to peer into. Souvenir shop available, as usual. And on the glass, there will be stickers on where each country is. You have to be there before you know what i mean. Hard to describe.
Then we went down again to see the lockets that couples leave behind.
tried to go for a melancholy feel.

We took a cable car down instead of a bus. Cant remember how much it cost, less than 10000won though. I tried to snap photos but couldnt snap clear shots T_T

kian grace me pat earnest and YH(w cap)
We went to have chicken for dinner at myeongdong.
one was spicy, one was honey and one was crispy. i can only recall this.
the shop assistant photobombed YH and grace. quite photogenic eh (:
Raings: 4/5
I think its so-so. There are many chicken shops and they have a variety of chicken flavours. Earnest did the ordering so we just ate. I think cuz all the chicken are around the same and im stil fond of KFC chicken so it isnt super nice nor not nice. Just average.
Directions: Myeondong is like a maze for me. My advice is that you either show this picture to the staff in red(they are stationed at some areas to give directions.can ask them for map too!) or you tell the staff the name of the shop. 
I only know that this chicken shop is among a stretch of shops that sells chicken. And if i do not remember wrongly, there is a mcdonald shop behind this shop. I hope i remembered correctly 😡

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