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seriously, i think this blog gna close down soon man.
i have literally no time to blog nowadays.
yes literally.
simply becos i have no life now in j2.
j1 still got a tweensy bit of life.
now j2 total 100% no life.
i dun even have time to go out.
after school, straight away go hm to study , provided i nv stay back in sch.
if i stay back in sch, i only go hm to sleep.
its so tiriing man.
last time in sec, my seniors told me how tiring jc life is
i was kinda curious on how tiring it is.
and now in jc, i have a taste of how it is like.
i hate it when ppl nv come jc den anyhw say jc relaxing . ridiculous luh.
oh wait, i think no one has ever said that jc is relaxing.
more like poly is relaxing
but poly, it is relaxing for some courses while v. stressful and busy for other courses.
now my life can be illustrated by a simple cycle.
wake up-> study->sleep.
yes i still listen to kpop, if not i’ll be lovesick. LMAO! okay i talking nonsense abt the lovesick part. keke!
and im on my mission to influence people to love kpop! keke! ways i gna use to influence? u wait and see ^^
oh , and recently i got hooked on to these songs:
1. TVXQ- break out!
2. Beast- Shock
3. C.N.Blue- Im a loner.

chk out this song peeps! u gonna love it 😀

oh even if it gna close down, i find ways to stop it from closing down 😀
which is, updating less freq lor. =_= so obvious…

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