yesterday after pw, met up with wangshuai again at 4pm in school.
it feels a little weird again when i was in my sec school.
we managed to find our chinese, and ss teacher , geo and math teachers
my sec 1 english teacher, Ms Lim still remembers me ^^
Higher chinese teacher exclaimed that i have changed a lot.
dun look like me anymore.
hehe, i wonder what has changed?
wanted to chitchat with clarissa to catch up on old times
but she was having volleyball cca.
gosh, the NCC land guys look like kids.
very smal size. i bet they are lower secondary.
cos upper secondary, most likely all very tall.
took some photos with teachers.
will uplaod the photos asap once i get hold of them, cos all the photos with wangshuai.
gotcha. the photos(:
wangshuai, Mrs Chua( chinese teacher) and me

Chen Lao Shi ( higher mothertongue teacher ) and me

Mrs Haridass( ss teacher) and me (:

till now, i am still absolutely crazy about BBF.
it seems that not many people watch korean dramas.
cos when i asked my friends, most of them dun watch at all.
so very few people know about BBF or even watched them.
but those who watched BBF, they watched very fast. They already finished watching all the episodes !

i am now only on ep 11. slow slow
i feel that history is repeating itself.
cos in the past, when i was crazy about DBSK aka TVXQ
i asked many , many people whether they know TVXQ.
and very few knew. very few people listen to korean songs.
and that was when i decided to try influencing people to have a liking to korean songs.
well, i was succesful a bit. Managed to influence my friend’s sister to listen to korean songs,and she has since became a fan of TVXQ 😀
as for my close and best friends, the moment i just say DBSK, they will quickly shut their ears..
hohoho cos i keep talking about DBSK so much that they got tired of it. hehehehe
mayb now, i should try to do the same.
influence people to watch BOF!
i must brush up on my persuasion skill. hehehe lol.

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