Trick Eye Museum & clubbing at Noise Basement

Woke up late today, grace went to meet her friends so its just the 3 of us. We had cravings for jap food so we went to Sushi in Sushi for brunch!
Love the ambience of the restaurant. Very value for money. Sushi buffet.
From left: YH, Pat
me with the cutie sushi chef behind *wink*
Basically its 11900won for lunch and you can eat as much as you like! But there is a time limit of 1.5hour. The variety is rather wide. Its very very popular. Usually if you go to other sushi shops, they will put minimal ingredients with a lot of rice. Here, they give you more ingredients.
Ratings: 5/5
Review: see above^^  I also wrote another post about this sushi shop, click on it!
Directions: Come out of Hongdae station exit 9, turn left (you will see watson on your right), then turn right at the first junction( you will see dunkin donut nearby). Walk straight . Look for the sushi in sushi sign, it will be on your left. Do take note that the restaurant is on the second level. Its opposite Daiso and near Olive & Young. 
While walking, look who i saw? (:
Yes, Jessie , you probably going gaga over them. the minions. haha prolly many girls are going crazy over the minions, except me. hahah, just took this photo to make you jealous kekekekeke
After our brunch, we made our way for the Trick Eye Museum!! Quite excited for this kind of illusion stuff XD
Pat collecting ticket from the counter (;
oh someone sneaking a peek!
Caught ya! GOTCHA!
We bought our tix and it came with the ice room visit. Cant remember if it was complementary or not though. And it was..freeezziinngggg. Bad idea to wear a dress. No jeans to keep me warm T_T
I had a feel of how winter gonna be , how chilly freezing it gonnna beee, brrrrrr.
We were scrambling to snap photos as soon as possible and then hurry out of the icy room. I think we only spent at most 10minutes in it. I could barely feel my fingers when i left the icy room.
Now, its time to enter the world of illusion!
YH trying to be sneaky ah
gosh, didnt know YH was quite interested to wash her hands with the cherups’ pee.
nice accomplice eh
didnt know YH is so flexible
aiseh Pat can finish a barrel of beer (;
awww, can i dont open my umbrella? you help me open can liao hehe
someone looks very tired after doing household chores eh
oohhh love is in the air ~~
the very peace loving  ‘angel’
walking the red carpet
wah rich liao, come gimme a treat
quite matching sia, blue and red
row row row your boat in veniceee
a group photo for the museum :DDD in the mirrors maze
Ratings: 5/5
Its very worth the money. But its a bit tiring . Even though i love taking photos, i got tired of taking photos . The museum is like never ending. I was like,’ huh havent finish ah? I have no more inspirations to take photos le, dont feel like taking photos le.’
There is just too many illusions to take photos with. Do take note that when taking photos, look for the markings on the floor. They will tell you which angle is the best .
dk why YH was interested in the poop, she had that sinister face ;/ muhahahha
after that i went to meet Gina and Sinlin for dinner at ewha, since we dont know any nice restaurant there, we just randomly went into one of the shops to fill our stomachs.
it wasnt very nice though. like a bit below average.
After that, all of us decided to try the nightlife in Korea. We were almost gna doll ourselves up then we heard that its acceptable to wear just tshirt and shorts to a club, so we didnt bother dressing up.
Hongdae was teeming with life at night. Its like Korea’s version of Clarke Quay. Alive at night. We went to noise basement for hiphop music, hmm okayys ill do a review on the general clubs  in korea.
Its 2 extremes, we went to 2 clubs. Noise Basement 1 & 2.
One of the clubs… the clubbers just bob their head up and down, like some robots. Very boring. Back in clarke quay, when i go clubbing, the people would raise their arms and dance and sway their hips, bodies etc. Here, they just bob their heads up and down. I felt out of place and weird when i danced the way i did in Singapore. When i raised my arm, i realised i was the only one. And so i sheepishly withdrew my arm. 
The other club…the clubbers are like party animals. I stared at disbelief at the ladies who moved like animals. I lost my respect for them. They were most likely dead drunk.  As much as i like to drink and feel the lagginess in my head, i have my limits. It is so not cool to be drunk. It is cool to me to be drunk in my bed or in the comforts of my home alone or with safe company. 
So overall, i dont like the clubbing life in Korea. Still prefer clarke quay club. Way more lively.

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