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After staying at Seoulwise guesthouse for almost 2 weeks, its time to move into my goshiwon and campus dorms for the rest. Pat, YH and Grace all were lucky and got their dorms. Only i didnt. The unfortunate me.
This post will be mainly about our guesthouse. I will do a review on it in this post.
our luggages taking up lotsa space at the living room aka common place where breakfast was served, computers and tv available , maps and brochures available for guests to take.
YH sitting like towkay, someone wear cap in korea ah, cuz fashionable.
otw to Gina and Sinlin’s guesthouse to fetch them

Seoul Wise Guest House Review:

Ratings: 5/5

This is the best guesthouse i have ever stayed at.

Location – Hongdae, residential areas but with many restaurants nearby. There is a convenience store GS25 nearby too, around 2 minutes walk. There is eel restaurant, it was super nice, i did a review on it, please click here for the review. There is also a pizza shop too, super cheap! If you want some partying, just head over to exit 9 of hongdae. 10minutes walk away! Very convenient.

Amenities – free laundry service, small kitchen for us but can’t be used, we didnt bother about it as we have no plans to cook. We had our own toilet and a laundry rack. Shoe Rack.

The staff were very helpful and speaks English.

The price was economical too! There is free breakfast too from 8-10am but we were too lazy to wake up for it. I only tried the breakfast on our last day lol.

Mr Young( the owner of the guesthouse) was very helpful, he helped us to call the taxis and helped us to tell the taxi driver our destinations, me and Gina – goshiwon, while the rest – campus dormitory. As Gina and Sinlin stayed at a different guest house, he drove them to our guesthouse. He really went out of his way to help us . We didnt expect him to voluntarily fetch Gina and Sinlin from their guesthouse. As such, we were very grateful for his help.

Here is the website!
and now, the cool penguin and I at our goshiwon. Waiting to enter our rooms.

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