International Opening Party

Yuni and I went to Ewha today to look for neon accessories to match with our outfits for the party that will be held tonight. On the way, we met a random fellow SEP german and joined him to meet his buddy at ewha womens university.
after getting our neon accessories, it was time for the party!
I had no party clothes since i didnt expect myself to go for any party in korea. Yeah, imma good girl, i dont party nor drink.
our buddies brought us to a shop at hongdae to have our dinner. Omg the beef looks sooo guddd. but i cant eat it T_T buddhism  , so ate chicken instead( hey wait i cant remember if its pork or chicken). But
it was pretty good!
sorry i dont know the shop name for this so i cant do a review about it T_T
And its time for the party!!! THey painted on all our faces LOL, quite nice eh the glow-in-the-dark paint. Donno if i look like a cat or more like the red indian who lives in the jungle
my group 2 besties! Yuni and Jen!
Apparently crayon pop was popular for their Bar Bar Bar song but i didnt know it. Everyone imitated the dance steps. And me just follow suit blindly.
Happy Yuni and Kaela (: the 2 koreans and me ^^
this was where we had our party( the level with blue neon lights)
back home! didnt drink at all, staying clear of alcohol. hahha

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