Mini SNU Buddy Olympics 2013

It was a rainy and cold morning. I was in a dilemma on what to wear for my attire.
Last night, i checked previous year mini olympics, most of them wear wearing trackpants.
In Singapore, due to the hot weather, we wear shorts for physical education or sports event.
Here, it seems like they wear trackpants or long pants.
And so, i decided to follow them and brought my trackpants to change into.
Met up with Yuni and a german guy from my goshiwon and we went to the basketball court together to meet the rest of our buddy groups.
Here is a mini collage !
Sat with my closest buddies, Jenessa from Hong Kong and Yuni from germany.
yeah that is Yuni’s shoulder
The buddy groups were split into 4 colours. All the groups were mixed together.
I was from the Blue Team, as you can see my blue shirt.
The other teams were maroon , yellow and dark green.
Ok my colour sense is from a guy perspective, dun tell me violet or whatever. i dont know. red is red. green is either light or dark. i dont know the other names for different shades of green.
So the sports event started around 9am with basketball.
Being a non-sporty person and with a phobia of balls, i decided to plant my butt to the seats and just watch.
There were many types of games catered to everyone.
Games for me are like, connect the pipes to let the ball roll into the box! Once the ball drops on the ground, the team has to do it again. The team that gets the ball in the box first wins.
My team won twice for that game
Other games were mainly basketball, couple game( that one i din understand at all) , kkab walking game. Okayys, i cant remember the rest of the games. Too lazy to elaborate anyway. haha. im so sleepy.
Anyway, I participated in the game whereby we had to connect the pipe to let the ball roll and drop into the box .  There was another game whereby the guys had to bend down 90 degrees and i was supposed to walk on their backs with some support from my tall friends in the team. Holy cow, i was so nervous when i ran too fast, the guys couldnt form the walking line in time for me and i couldnt stop in time, almost crash to the ground but thankfully from the support of my tall friends, i was safe and sound.
Alas, in the end, our team did not win, but i managed to have some fun with my friends. Yellow team was super competitive, and they emerged victorious. *clap clap*
After the olympics ended around 4.30pm , my group decided to have pajeon for dinner, thus we met up at SNU station and went to a nearby restaurant to eat.
Tadah our seafood pajeon.
 It taste pretty good! Initially i thought that i would be hungry as there wasnt any rice. But thankfully , it was very filling. Shared the pajeon with Peter( Denmark) and Albin(Sweden) .
Ratings: 5/5
Review: The ingredients were in generous amounts, i love eating the perimeter of it, the crispy sides. I think Peter and Albin might have noticed me not touching the centre of the pajeon but only the sides of it. It is pretty good, but i would like to try the kimchi jeon instead.  Oops i just realised i forgot to take a photo of the shop. haha.

We also had rice wine. I only drank a few bowls of it and my asian flush was back. When i came back from my second home, my face was reddish and i felt a little tipsy. After the dinner, i decided to turn in early and rest while Yuni and Jen joined the rest to go drinking at a bar. But the moment i walked off back home , my mind wandered off to shopping at edae, and so..i changed my mind and went to shop at edae. I shopped at edae till my face returned back to its original colour, with the flush gone. And it was till then ,that i decided to really turn in and sleep. Okayys goodnight, sleepy max now.

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