A day at Itaewon!

If you are expecting Itaewon to be very different from Hongdae, Sinchon in terms of the buildings. Well, it isnt. The only difference is that you see many foreigners and western brands. It was my first time to itaewon despite this being my second time in Korea. Our initial plan was to explore the itaewon market to shop but we couldnt find the place ;/

I met up with Yuni and her cousin. After wandering around and purchasing some clothes from the shops, we went to have pizza for dinner.

Oh yeah, the clothes from the shops arent cheap. Yuni bought a top which cost around 40-50k won, super expensive. And thats the cheapest we could find. So if youre looking for cheaper clothes, Ewha, Express Bus Terminal , Gangnam underground shopping centre are good places to go. But if you are looking for larger sizes, Itaewon is the best place to go.

 i like the ambience in the restaurant. Quite creative. Korea’s cafes and restaurants are always visually appealing. Love the themes in each cafe as its so unique. But that doesnt mean i often go cafes and upclass restaurants, no money T_T
 Yuni and her cousin hehe
we looked too stiff in this photo.
9 Timo
Review: The pizza was super good! It was thin crust pizza. Not the thick crust types. I was soooo hungry that i  almost finished the entire pizza on my own. i think i had like 6-7 slices of it. 
Unfortunately i cant remember the name of the pasta we had. Both the pasta and pizza were good. 
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