Hangang River at night

just a short post for today!
Had our buddy group outing at Hangang River.  It was a little chilly even when I wore long sleeved top. Our korean buddies ordered chicken and beer for our picnic . It was endorsed by Sistar, I think…not too sure. They call it chimaek. A combination of chicken and맥주(beer). It was rather windy and the Banpo bridge was gorgeous with its lightings. I came here before last year around july but in the day so all I saw was just the water spraying out from the bridge.But tonight, I saw both ^^
buddies helping to distribute the chicken and beer and softdrinks

collage, so as not to bore you guys out. yuni, kaela jen and i  ^^

its quite romantic to go at night, saw many couples. Just have a mini picnic while enjoying the breeze.
Yeouinaru Station ( check the directions in the subway to find out which exit number to take!)

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