Everland Amusement Theme Park in Korea

If you are travelling to Korea and planning to visit the amusement theme parks, look no further. Be sure to put Everland theme park in your itinerary. You won’t regret. Read further for my reviews on each ride that I took.

Last year when I came to Korea, i did not have time to visit Everland. Since i will be spending a semester in Seoul, Everland was a must-go before the temperature drops.

I went to Everland with my SNU buddy peeps. We arranged to meet around 8am at Gangnam Station Exit 10. We took the bus 5002 to Everland.

For more info on Everland, please click here.

The bus ride was about 1hour+ long i think, honestly i can’t really remember. Some websites say 2hours. So just play safe, it takes 2 Hours. As we weren’t sure which stop to get off at, we followed the crowd as it seemed that almost everyone on the bus were going to Everland. We were right in our guess.
while waiting for the shuttle bus at the terminal: Jen and me! hehehe, actually Jen is 2years younger than me.
From the terminal, we took a shuttle bus to Everland. We didnt have to wait for long before the shuttle bus came. It was a super long and bendy bus.
 By the time we reached the Everland theme park,  it was around 11am+ +, we saw a ticket office meant only for foreigners and we got our tickets from there! The queue was super fast and short (Y)
the ticket is so cute, love the pastel colours  At Everland Korea, 80% of the time was spent waiting, well, as expected. We tried about 6 rides.

The rides that we took at Everland Amusement Theme Park

1) Double Rock Spin

Our first ride! Before riding it, I was like,’ oh no, shucks I’m gonna die ‘
i closed my eyes tightly but it was less scary than i thought! It spun us 360degrees and I closed my eyes so it just felt like i was lying on my bed. But the moment i opened my eyes, I feel dizzy.
Thrill factor: 4/5 

2) Rolling X-train

from what i remembered, this ride was extremely short. I was like, huh the ride has ended already?
Thrill factor: 4/5

Lunch at Everland Theme Park

the food was gooddddd, or maybe i was just too famished!
the weather was hot hot hot hot hot hot, melting man
saw these cute big ice-cream balls and we tried it.

Ratings: 1/5

it was too sweet, not nice at all. None of us liked it and we were pushing each other to finish it. LOL. Thank goodness we shared it. If each person bought one cup, we would have a harder time finishing it.


3)Amazon Express

When we were queuing up for this ride, a sign that said ‘ YOU WILL GET WET’ was shown.
Thank ah, for telling us that. you could say ‘ You may get wet’. This ride was very similar to Singapore’s USS Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure rides.

Review of Amazon Express

Ratings: 5/5
It is a definite must try. You get to see your friend’s dismayed look when the water splashes/pours onto them. *chuckles* It is not supposed to be a very thrilling ride
Queueing for the cable car as we were lazy to walk HA!
on the cable car

4)Championship Rodeo

Review of Championship Rodeo

Ratings: 4/5
this ride makes you feel damn giddy. keeps going round and round and @_@
don’t ride it after full stomach.

5) T-Express

I’m glad i tried it after my friends encouraged me to do so. They were like,’ you come here and you don’t try, you gonna regret it’

I was hesitating as I am not a very adventurous person. I am terribly scared of the ride as the plunge was so steep. I was like, shit will I die? will I fly out of my seat? Damn naive but you can’t stop me from imagining stuff. And I decided to just take the plunge.

Review of T-Express

Ratings: 5/5

The best ride ever, love it so much although when the carriage plunged down, my head hit against my seat, it hurt but I did not dare to move my hands from the safety rail. I was worried that I would fly out from my seat as I did not feel very secured in my seat.

One should not miss this ride. If you miss this ride, I take it that you did not go to Everland.

Honestly, I was so glad that my friends persuaded me to go for this. After taking this ride, it changed my perspective on rollercoasters, I started liking rollercoasters for the thrill and speed.

6)Columbus Adventures: Viking Ship

Ratings: 4/5

I think I was too prepared for the ride, it wasn’t as thrilling as I have thought. I love it when I get butterflies in my stomach. Weird me but whatever *shrugs*

Damn shiok when the ship swung down. Even though it wasn’t very thrilling for me, Jen said that her eardrums were exploding due to my loud screams. sorry Jen hehehehe

7) Flume Ride

We waited for this ride for 2hours, till the sky became dark. I sat behind Yuni so, in the end, she was all wet while I was dry heheheheheheheh.

The mischievous dongsaeng was up to no good.

Flume Ride Review

Ratings: 5/5

I thought it would be cold when the water splashed on us and as now it is colder when at night, but luckily it wasn’t. Or maybe my denim was a good insulator.

So, what are your thoughts? Still hesitating? Hesitate no more, go try out the rides at Everland!

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