1st month away from Home

Today marks the 1st month ive been away from home.
I have never been away from home for this long, missing my friends and family everyday despite enjoying myself here.
1 month has passed, i have adjusted myself to the life here, preparing everything by myself.

Back in singapore, mom always cook meals for me. Dad always drive me around. Everything was provided for me.

Here, i have to settle my own meals. Wash my own clothes. Make my own bed. Doing household chores on my own. I have to admit, initially i felt stressed having my own room as i never had one before. When shopping for necessities, my friends were saying, oh need this dehumidifier, need that sweet smelling thing to put in the room. I was clueless to all these stuff since usually its my parents who do everything. I felt very hopeless and dumb that i didnt know much stuff at all. I was quite upset with myself. I got to the point whereby i google hangout with my parents and was holding the product in front of the camera and asked my parents where i should put the stuff.

With regards to operating the washing machine, back home, my parents would wash the clothes for me. All i had to do was to just pass my clothes to my parents to do the washing. Here, when everything is in hangeul and i was clueless about operating the washing machine. I had no idea what to press. Luckily Gina taught me and now i  know how to use the machine. Turns out that the buttons to be pressed somehow depends on the material of the clothes that i want to wash. So i guess come the time when my clothes are of different materials, ill have to ask again, hehe.

When i first moved into my goshiwon, stressed by how to maintain by room. I felt super lonely in a foreign country. Not even Korea being my dream country could make me less lonely. Its like even if im surrounded by friends, i felt lonely. But thanks to the beauty of technology , i was able to videocall my parents and Shan and Pat, kakao Yuni(my german-korean eonni) , whatsapp my Dhops, Uni, JC,Sec friends. Felt comforted when i whatsapped them my loneliness and they flooded me with encouragement. You know who you are, thank you for cheering me up (:

And so, ive videocalled my parents daily up till now. Hopefully ill be able to maintain that till the end of my sep. When i took a photo of my bed, my mom was surprised i knew how to make my bed and cook my food. simple food like ramen. You can see how pampered i was, DONT JUDGE ME ^_^

Mom: since u know how to wash clothes, make your bed, when you come back, you do everything by yourself hor’
me: harr.. u do la.. like that then can show motherly love ma

1 month ago, mom commented that my sep to korea would be like mothers sending their sons to NS. Me to SEP. Because she said i never do household chores at home, doing everything in korea would be like military training for me. Yeah mom, yes. But i know i will survive it because im living well now. Happy with my goshiwon now (:

Okayys its back to studying now

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