SNU buddy web service orientation

We went for the SNU buddy web service orientation whereby we were guided on how to create our mysnu account.
Basically, its SNU’s version of NUS webmail and the IVLE. SNU have their etl ( their version of IVLE).
So we could check our emails that the school has emailed, etc. and Also check the courses that we have registered before we came to Korea. The session was quite informative, we were told on how to get our courses , the appeal form etc.
Review on web service orientation:
 Highly recommended to go for it.  Most importantly, it is to be able to get the courses that you have mapped, isnt it? 
If not, whats the point of going on sep if you cant get the courses that you have mapped
Back in Singapore, when we applied for the SNU courses, it was by first-come-first served basis, fastest fingers and connection win. My laptop couldnt connect the internet in SNU so i had to go to PC commons at utown to apply for my courses. But i was lucky, i managed to get all the course i want. The internet connection was superb. After the orientation, we were separated into our buddy groups, i was allocated to group 2. We had dinner together at the cafe near Engine.

After the dinner, we went to Liebe Hof for drinks. Our korean buddies explained to us that its common for koreans to drink and its part of social activities.

I was shocked to see such a big tub of beer. Dono to call it flask or tub or what. First time see so much beer.
Apparently, when you order drinks at the bar, it is a must to order snacks. The koreans taught us some drinking games, like the 2ne1 shot!
Since Koreans drink so often, they are pretty good drinkers. Some of my buddies can handle 1 bottle of soju. Soju is like Korean version of Vodka. I dislike maekju, but i like somaek. Love the dizzy feel of the alcohol travelling into my brain. And the laggy feel. You will notice that i keep looking left and right when i drink. Thats to find out if im drunk or not. Once i feel that im tipsy, my mind is laggy. I stop. Not good to be drunk. I will only let myself be drunk if im in bed , so that the moment i cant think properly, ill just snuggle to sleep (:  zzzz world

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