Gyeongbokgung & Yellow Pub at Hongdae

We had lunch at a shop nearby our place. Me and YH had bibimbap while Pat and Grace had stew.
Yay they gave us steamed egg. Love the steamed egg. Yummy!
Prior to having my bibimbap ,  i was quite wary of eating it as i get hungry easily when i dont eat meat. Im a meat lover. Carbohydrate lover too! I was expecting the bibimbap not to fill my stomach since there wasnt any meat. So i was quite surprised that the bibimbap turned out to be quite filling!
Today we went to Gyeongbokgung since i hadnt been to any palace before even though this was my second time in Korea.
It is said that if you walk under this door, you will stay forever young ^^ i walked through it last year so maybe thats why i hadnt aged (; hahah kiddingggg
yay ,here i come!

Disclaimer: This post will be filled with Gyeongbokgung photos. Please scroll down if you just wanna skip to the Hongdae section.

there is a reason why the ground is uneven. This is so that when it is sunny, the ground will not be reflective. And killers cannot assassinate the king. Thus its a safety factor. Pretty interesting right (; we were eavesdropping on those tour groups, kekekeke. ninja me.
the antiques placed in the king’s room. Being his red seat, there is a painting with mountains and sun and moon on each side.
The banquet hall where parties are held, the lake–> man-made
Notice the green flat things  hung from the ceiling? Those are actually the doors! During winter, or cold seasons, then they place the doors back . As another layer of protection from the cold or wind. And when its warm, they hung it up.
the small black thing is heater. to keep the interior of the hanok warm
such a cute and small door, dk whats it is for though
the scenery here is very nice, you can see mountains behind the palace!
the must take jump shot. it was hard to get a shot where everyone was in the air. retook it countless time
red symbolises woman. green symbolises man.
All the houses are painted in these colours, man earn money for the family as sheltering the family/house. While woman raise the children as keeping the family intact. Thus the pillars are in red while the roof is in green.
we went to the souvenir shop to chill a bit, the weather was sweltering!
Ratings: 5/5
If you have yet to visit any palaces , do visit this palace as it is the most popular and well-known! Expect to spend at least 1/2- 1 day at the palace as it is really huge! I only went during late summer. I heard that it would be nice to visit during winter too when it snows! Alternatively, if you only have 1-2 hours to spare, you can go to Deuksogung instead. 
Click here for directions to Gyeongbokgung!
After that we went to hongdae to meet YH’s SNU buddy!
i wanted to do a review for this restaurant but i forgot the name and location. Its in hongdae but i cant remember which part of hongdae. definitely at exit 9 side.
the food was good, argh i cant remember what i ordered. It was among the popular/hot food . Eunji brought us here so i just followed blindly. nice ambience, not the classy feel but casual dining . 
After that we went to Yellow Pub for drinks! Immersing ourselves into Korean’s social activities-drinking
If you wanna drink, can come here. As for directions, i have no idea cos it was YH’s Korean buddy who brought us here.
and we ordered these to try.
I cant remember alcohol names at all ><
im not gonna promote drinking so no reviews hehe, too bad if you are a jiu gui.

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