Exploring the Namdemun Market & Bokchon Hanok Village

 Today we went to Namdaemun Market to explore ^^
 Here are some snapshots of it, in the travel book that i brought, it was described as a place that sells things at wholesale price.And it was stated that they sell children clothes. So i was quite eager to explore as i needed to buy some shoes and clothes. Im a Kid size L. Yeah, not even XL -.-
Finding clothes that fits me well is a chore, almost all my clothes are altered.
But i was quite disappointed to find out that the children clothes they sell were mostly toddler clothes *face palm*
And the place was full of ahjummas, its like Chinatown.
As we left the guesthouse with an empty stomach, soon we were looking around for something to fill our stomach and we stumbled upon this tiny shop!
 We had 냉며하고깔국수.
 The shop was super tiny and there was so few tables that we had to sit with strangers. See, me sitting in the middle with 2 strangers.
Review: the cold noodle is not bad. i just love the cold noodle texture. springy noodle are my fav. Pat and YH find the 깔국수 better than the one we ate at myeongdong.
Review: 4/5 Food is good but place was super cram.
After that, we decided to visit insadong, the artsy place!
And we went to grab some drink at the rooftop cafe. Too bad, no rooftop prince. HAHA!
 I cant remember what drink this is but it was super sour. We had trouble finishing it. Dont buy this.
 Nice cafe interior, but horrible sour drink
We got bored at insadong looking at the artsy stuff so we decided to visit the hanok residential areas since it was nearby.
These are the antiques used in the dunnowhat dynasty. Cant remember.
 Slow poke , walk so slow. Faster laaaaa!
 interesting door
 Playing with my shadow
 the beautiful hanok sun
Then we had dinner nearby, i cant remember the name of the shop. But im never going back again. The service was very poor by the ahjumma. Apparently, a few tables were booked by a company. While eating halfway, the company staff thronged into the small shop and took up 3-4 tables. And us, just 1 table. The ahjumma kept asking us if we wanted to drink -.-  , like look, do we look like we drink?
The company staff ordered many drinks, and obviously , the prospect of earning more money from the company got the better of her. So the ahjumma served us badly– we were eating halfway with the raw beef still in the metal plate, as she wanted to wash the metal plate, she shoved our beef into the grilling thingy. Wah lau, so rude. Never even apologise or put our beef into the grilling thingy properly.
So, since the ahjumma service was so poor, we did not want to let her earn our money. Even if i want to drink also wont drink there .
Ratings: 2/5 ( sympathy vote, because some of the samgyupsal was nice)
 But on the bright side, we had our stomach filled and strolled back home. Feeling satisfied, covered 3 areas in a day, challenge unlocked!

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