Ewha & Patbingsul

Today YH woke up feeling tired, poor girl, her cough did not subside. Hence she decided to stay in the guesthouse to rest. Pig lah she. oink oink.
We decided to have our brunch at a nearby shop , the franchise where we have our 냉면하고오무라이스.
Pat and YH had seaweed soup, mine was supposed to be 떡라면 , 하지만, 아저씨 heard wrongly, and he gave me 라면 instead, was abit sad. But, neh mind, i save 500won!HAHA cheap thrill. Grace had bokuembab.dk hw to spell . But alas, it wasnt able to fill my stomach, so i bought kimbab to keep myself filled.
After that, we went to ewha to shop while YH went back to guesthouse to rest.
Grace and Pat bought some pancake thingy w egg in it. I only tried a bit, taste nice. Din buy it though cuz wasnt in the mood to eat. At that time, i just finished eating my kimbab. Love Kimbab. yummy.
Due to the scorching weather, we decided to get ourselves some patbingsul from the famous shop. Apparently, there was alot of girls, Pat explained that there is a cute guy working at the shop, hence many girls come to eat the patbingsul . But unfortunately, the guy wasnt there, what a pity.
Rating:4/5 cuz im nt a fan of red bean, so i dint quite like the red bean. But other than that, i would say its really nice. A cool respite from the sweltering weather
Review: the soft milky velvety ice was delicious. We ordered red bean fruit milk patbingsul, the red bean was separated from the patbingsul. Love the patbingsul. It was much better than the red bean patbingsul we ate at hyehwa.
After that i met up with Gina and Sinlin to see our goshiwon at Seoul FineHouse, looks decent. Thankfully, the guy speaks Mandarin and he brought us around to our rooms and the see the facilities. Indeed the room is small, but well, its a goshitel, cant expect much from it. It looks extremely clean though, and pleasant looking. Very near from the subway. Will upload photos when i move in, so stay tuned (:
We walked around and decided to have hotpot for dinner. We had trouble communicating with the waitress, but thankfully, she was rather patient with us and kept gesturing to us . Finally we managed to order our food, although  half confused on what we were ordering.
Review: I guess maybe because i had hotpot a few times already, i find this hotpot to be average. The macaroni was not bad, not too soft.I like chewy macaroni. The sausage was good. Love kimchi as always.
Ratings: 4/5
Thats all for today , folks ! Goodnight

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