Hyehwa, PIzza School , cheonggyecheon stream

woke up late as usual, and decided to have pizza as brunch!
Went to Pizza School that was near to our guesthouse and ordered potata pizza and pepperoni pizza
 but in the end we couldnt finish it and we had it tapao-ed.

 Looks nice eh , the waythey tapao-ed it, with ribbons etc.
Ratings: 5/5 must try!
Review: The pizza are super cheap, like 6000won for a pizza? I love the pizza, it is damn nice. Freshly made.  and cheap, yummy. they were generous with the ingredients. will definitely eat again
After brunch, we took the subway to hyehwa and went to visit the filming site of Rooftop Prince. Yeah, second time there, and i still liked it (: free mah.
*warning: photos spamming ahead*
 let me open the window
 introducing the shop!
it was tiring to squat for this photo
so hot, tried the patbingsul, but it wasnt realli nice. too sweet to my liking.
After that, we decided to walk to dongdaemun history and culture park to have dinner nearby
Ratings: 3/5
Ratings: The food was not bad, perhaps almost all the food i tried were good hence i din find this shop’s food super nice. just average. Will not go back though, cos the serving was pretty not up to my liking. I ordered meat but they served me very little meat.
After our dinner, we decided to drop by the famous stream (:
The stream was full of couples, like some couples hotspot. We actually walked 2.4km, but with the companion of music. Without music, omg it would have been super boringggg
I really liked the stream here, it was pretty romantic, hahaha , oh god my bag doesnt do justice to my outfit ;/
 I was quite satisfied that today we managed to visit the stream, the hyehwa fortress and the Rooftop Prince filming site. Productive day (:
My artistic photos of the day:
snapped this when Grace saw a butterfly stopped on a flower

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