Treat from Professor

Today is our second last lesson for Advanced Construction Technology class with Prof Moon.
Back at my home university, our lectures are taught in lecture halls and tutorials are taught in smaller classrooms. But in SNU, both lecture and tutorials are conducted in the same classroom. i havent gone to any lecture hall for any of my classes.
And we use only white board markers in our home university, but in SNU, chalk is still widely used. It was my first time using chalk since primary school. Nostalgic.
If youre thinking that since chalk is still in use, the facilities in school would be outdated. Well, it isnt . The chairs and tables used are similar to the ones in Utown classroms. Foldable tables.
One of the TA and our fellow classmates helping to distribute the pizzas
my favourite rice cake :DDDD
my group !
Sinlin’s group!
Back in our home university, the professors seldom give the students a treat since they have too many students. Well simply because in our home university, lectures are conducted in lecture halls that can accommodate hundreds of students. But cos here in SNU, the class size is small, so the professors sometimes give students a treat on the last day of class. But for us, our Prof told us that our fellow course mates will be giving us a treat on the last day of class so he gave us a treat today instead.
Well you must be wondering that all our course mates are in their twenties right? Some are in their thirties while some are already married and have their own teenage children. Thats why they are able to give us a treat. We undergraduates, no money to treat so many people la.

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