Disco Pang Pang at Dongdaemun!

What is Disco Pang Pang

A circular ride where people sit at the edge of the circle with their arms gripping the railings. There is no seat belt. Music is played while the circular platform spins around and bounce up and down. You don’t want to let go as you will find yourself flung in all directions. The DJ will play the music and stop randomly to tease people on the ride and embarrass them. Often when the music stops suddenly, you see people falling over their seats and sprawling everywhere.
That’s what Disco Pang Pang is, and it is a must-go popular amusement ride in Korea.
I wanted to go to the Disco Pang Pang at Busan but at that point of time, I wasn’t feeling well so I missed the chance. But before I return back to Singapore, I was determined to try Disco Pang Pang!
So today, after Barbie salon and Seocho Flea Market, I met up with Chopin, Jen and Yuni to go Disco Pang Pang together! It cost 4000won per person.
It was DAMN FUN! But it is also the scariest ride as it’s the only ride I’ve taken whereby there are no security considerations as the DJ is trying to shake us off the ride instead. Unfortunately, as I don’t understand much Korean, and I was super light, it was easy for me to fall off my seat.
It was damn funny:
1) at some point, my feet landed on the seat and Jen’s butt flew up, then when she landed down, she sat on my feet but that was good as she weighed me down, otherwise, I would fly.
2) Cho Pin crashed towards me and a girl from opposite us flew to our side and banged into Cho Pin, causing her to hit me. Somehow I tried to hold her and ended up with my arms around her waist, and she weighed down on me. Thankfully, this prevented me from flying.
3) I lost my grip at some point and I went sprawling onto the floor of the Disco Pang Pang disc, I grab whatever I could reach for… which was Jen’s leg, so the next several hard bounces that rendered me helpless from crawling back to the handrails caused me to hug Jen’s leg for my dear life. I was afraid to fall backwards as I may get injured. Jen’s expression was epic when I hugged her leg tightly. She had the why-are-you-hugging-onto-my-leg look. and I was laughing damn hard while hugging her leg.
* oh god, I’m laughing so hard while typing this, my stomach hurts from laughing too hard*
All in all, the ride was damn intensive as the bounces are pretty strong. Here is a video
Disco Pang Pang
Disco Pang Pang

Review of Disco Pang Pang

Rating: 5/5

If you want some fun ride, go for it! If you don’t like jerky stuff, hard bounces, then I would advise you not to try it. The ride is tiring for the arms as you will be struggling to hold the railings as tightly as possible. Apparently, there is another branch at 수원랜드. But details about the other branch..unfortunately, I don’t know. Do comment or email me info@simplypeiqi.com if you have details of the other branch!


Dongdaemun history and culture park Exit 14, walk straight out until u see nature republic, then turn left. You should see Disco Pang Pang on your right.

Operating hours:

Fri,public holiday: 2pm- 11am
minimum height:140cm

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