Seocho Flea Market & Perming at Barbie Salon!

We went to Sadang to check out the Seocho Flea Market that opens from 9-2pm. I followed visitkorea website on the directions and came out of Sadang exit 1 but i saw no flea market.
Then i had to research on the spot to find out the location and it turned out to be exit 11.
The flea markets mostly had ahjummas stuff on sale, belts, shoes, winter jackets, coats, electrical appliances, mostly second hand goods, but there are some that arent second hand.
Depending on what stuff you are looking for, if you are looking for household appliances and ahjumma stuff, then its a good place to go cuz all the stuff were cheap. take note that most are second-hand goods. and some luxury goods are imitations, though there was a old man who told me it isnt but i was still sceptical.
I saw some stalls that were selling tshirts for 500won but the tshirt seemed to be very old cuz all the graphics on it were in bad condition, so i didnt buy.
From what i know, the flea market is on every saturday in Bangbae 2-dong area.
Directions: Sadang station exit 11. Walk straight for 2-3 minutes, then you will see the flea market on your right. Its near some golf club.
Please dont go exit1. I dont think thats the correct direction.
After that we rushed off to Barbie Salon to meet Julie and have our salon visit together!
Julie : haircut,
Yuni : hair and eyebrows dyed and hair curled.
me: fringe cut, hair trimmed + permed (yes permanent perm)
They gave us pink robes to wear and led us to our seats at the 2nd floor. They washed my hair, then my hairdresser started combing my hair and my hair was entangling very badly. She recommended me to go for treatment and i decided to heed her advice.
i cant remember the procedure but we spent around 3hours there. The staff didnt rush through but took their time, i was served orange juice. The staff were very helpful. I felt like a barbie there. Super good service.
Here are some photos of how my hair was permed..dont laugh too much ok
Before my perm! heeh they put our clothes and bag into a locker and gave us a key . and we were dressed in pink barbie robes!

hair wet from the washing. i told them where i wanted my side parting to be. yes, im very particular about my hairstyle. hence i was very afraid to do my hair today. was damn scared if it doesnt turn out the way i wanted it to be.
 julie gettting her hair cut!
 she just cut my fringe exactly the way i wanted it to be. not too short nor too long. and the gradient of the layer was nice!
 drying my wet hair with some steamer
 washing again for 2nd time
 yuni with hair dyed
 wah seh, 1 customer attended by 2 hairdressers.
 perming my hair now! the machine makes me think of science-fiction
 looks scary eh
 hehe they provided me with a cushion and magazine when i was at another seat. here they provided me with orange juice.refreshing
 interesting bowlish thing on my shoulder. i looked like ahjumma now. initally i thought this was how curly my hair was gonna be. i was damn scared , heartbeat shot up. earlier on, when she curled my fringe i was worried,i told her, in simple english,’ fringe, no perm’ then she said that she just curl it a bit and pointed at her own fringe, her own fringe is the nice type that i like and i was like, phewww, ok go ahead.
 i like julie hairstyle, her fringe made her looked much younger. and cuter (;
then they used a straightener to straighten my curly hair. afterwhich they washed it again. YES, omg so its 3x of washing!
and finally now they are drying my hair, they taught me to dry my hair in a circular manner. and they put lots of essence in it.
 the end, FINISH!
 another selca back in my room
Review: 5/5
I think that the price is reasonable for fringe cut,perm, 2 treatments, trimming of hair.
mine cost 91k won. I love the service and i think il go there again! Do make an appointment before going! They seemed to be very popular! The staff were very helpful too! 
Julie’s hair cut cost 15000won. Yuni’s hair cut + dye cost around 70+ k won, cant remember the amount. 
There are some men having their hair done over there too!
Their contact no: 02-597-5800

Bangbae station, exit 4. Just walk straight out of the exit, the salon will be on your right. prolly 10seconds walk out of exit 4 only. 

Updates** its been 1 month since i last permed, now my hair is losing most of its curls. Not too sure if the chemicals that the salon used was ineffective or it was because it was my first time perming and i have rather straight hair, hence the perm was gone so fast.

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