Shipping My Parcel from Korea to Singapore Review & Han River Cycling

Today i mailed my parcel of summer clothes and shoes back home. it was around 5.5kg!

Initially, i wanted to buy the box and then bring back to my room to pack as I thought that they would help me make the box but it turned out that i have to tape the bottom of the box on my own so i changed my mind. I went back to my room and brought all my plastic bags to the post office near my goshiwon, as there is a Post Office near SNU station.

Some of my friends told me that was how they packed their shopping items as it was just too many and too heavy.

Shipping from Korea to Singapore

I had the choice between air parcel, land parcel and EMS.

For land parcel, it was very cheap, but it will take 2-3months. ( around 15200won)

For air parcel, it was around 30,200won but it will take 2-3weeks.

For EMS, it was around 35,500won but it will take only 3-5days.

If you want to know the details, check this Korea Post website, click HERE!

I chose EMS, in the end, as it was relatively much cheaper as compared to mailing parcel from Singapore.

Previously i mailed only 3 pieces of paper via EMS, 3-5 days, and it cost SGD25. It was super expensive!

It is much cheaper to send items from Korea to Singapore rather than the other way round.

Shipping from Korea to Singapore with EMS Review

I spoke English at the Post office and the officer on duty was very helpful! he advised me on the size of the box to purchase and told me that if its too small, i could change it for a bigger one. Then he helped me to tape the box(i think that’s because he could tell i was a newbie), the service was super good.

Directions to the Post Office Near Seoul National University

Near SNU station exit 8. Walk out of exit 8, and walk straight ahead. It should be on your left. The Post office is opposite Daiso.

Han River Cycling in Autumn

After mailing my parcel, i went to meet Shirley, Joyce and Nadya to have lunch and go for cycling at the Han River. I regretted not planning to cycle at Han river in the earlier months when it was warmer but thankfully, it wasn’t too cold today. The weather was fine.

We took the metro and alighted at Yeouido, but we realised that we had to walk all the way to Yeouinaru Station to get to the River. We saw a few cyclists and as we were wondering where to rent the bike. We tried to get the attention of the cyclists.

I was like,’ Jeogiyo!’ to the nearest cyclist. The cyclist turned his head then cycled away. So paiseh lor, Joyce and the rest were laughing. I should have used my aegyo >.< Kidding, i don’t have aegyo and also don’t know how to do aegyo.

But after walking for sometime we found a bicycle rental and we rented tandem bikes, 6000won per hour.
its 3000won per hour for a single bike!
But we cycled for around 30mins at most before we returned the bikes as we had to catch a 4D movie,’ Hunger Games’ at Sinchon CGV cinema.

and while cycling, we spotted some filming! although we couldn’t see which celebrity it was as it was too far away and we didn’t have enough time!

i looked like i have no neck when donned in my winter wear

photobombed by a random cyclist

selca-ing at the back of the bike with nadya infront

Han River Cycling Review:

It is a really nice place to cycle , i intend to cycle again and longer if the weather is good. Best to cycle in autumn and not during winter. Today was a rather warm winter day though, surprisingly.

Directions to Han River:

Yeouinaru Station (check the directions in the subway to find out which exit number to take!)

If you want free bicycles rental, you can try Jamsil Station.

4D movie’ Hunger Games’ at Sinchon CGV cinema

Initially i thought that for 4D movie, you will feel the sway of the chair a lot but in the end, it was a very subtle effect. The Hunger Games movie was very sadistic. Everyone killing each other. I did not dare to watch when they were finishing each other off. I don’t understand why it is so popular. Maybe because the actors and actresses were popular?

Review: 3/5

I don’t think I’ll watch hunger games sequels. Its too sadistic. It was supposed to be 4D, but the screen wasn’t 3D at all, CGV Sinchon why you cheat me of my money?!? Maybe I’ll watch some more 4D movies, perhaps that will change my impression. On the bright side, perhaps the subtle 4D effect is that they dont wanna cause any injury to us, so that we could watch the movie in peace.

We went to Hongdae for dinner and we passed by a performance. Dont know which artistes they are though but here are some snapshots! I must say, Hongdae is the place where i always see celebrities. Lee Hyun Woo. F(x), filming sites, gosh, i love hongdae!

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