First Snow in Korea

Before I came for the Student Exchange Programme, when choosing the semester to go to Korea, I did not check properly and thought that my home university’s semester 1 = Korea’s universities semester 1. I wanted to come during the spring season so that I could do my shopping in Seoul and enjoy the warm weather. Only when I received the email that I was chosen for the Student Exchange Programme, then I checked the semester, it was fall season.

I was shocked.

I could reject it cos I’m scared of cold and daren’t come during the fall season on my own, I still prefer coming with my parents, like so that I would be taken care of ( doted kiddo)

Considering that my grades weren’t very good and yeti was selected to go for the Student Exchange Programme when Korea is such a popular destination and everyone was vying for it, I decided to just accept it and embark on my sep on my own.

People go for sep with their friends, I chose it on my own, I believed that I would be able to meet new people and make new friends there (and yes I did ^^ )

As I planned to leave around end December, I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to see snow since seeing the snow was one of the key pull factors that made me want to go even if I’m scared of cold.

My Excitement at Seeing the First Snow

And today, my wish was partially materialised. I saw the first snow in school today, previously at Woljeongsa temple, I saw hail. I was so excited to see snow that I didnt feel cold when taking photos in the outdoors. I think the locals must be thinking I’m nuts. I was like snapping photos, selca-ing right in their faces.

Oh well, nevermind, they don’t know me, i don’t know them. In one month’s time, i would be back home already, back in sweltering hot Singapore.

Here are some of my selca-ing and video, not a very good video, but still ..haha better than nothing luh.

 ran out during toilet break to see snow
enjoying the snow hehe, i looked like a xiao zha bor
 covered by snow, i looked like i have no neck
 i was the only one who kept snapping photos when snowing, suaku me
 YAY the grass are blanketed by the falling snow! Looking forward to the streets being blanketed by snow before i leave! But if i don’t get a chance to see, its ok, anyway i saw the first snow and got the chance to touch snow 😀
and yes, it was my animal behaviour lecture! and no i wasn’t skipping class, i was waiting for class to start while camwhoring away!
very romantic hor
Thye Yi !
okay ill end my post here today, gotta mug material engineering T_T

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