European Christmas Market

I didnt plan to go to the market at all and it was until
gina said,’ have you ever been to one before?’
i was like,’ no..’
gina said,’ den just go la, see how it is like’
me pondering for awhile….
gina said,’ wah very hard to jio u out de leh’
i was surprised when she said that, so i decided to join them. eh like dat means i not so hard to jio out de hor. hehe.
It turned out that Yuni was coming too so wheee my eonni 😀
There were many many foreigners, and many stalls from different countries, spain, germany, france, etc. I tried the chicken burger, i think its from spain, cant really remember T_T anw the burger was damn nicee , super yummy! :DDD
I tried the german alcohol, it tasted ok. So i decided to buy a cup of it, but when i had to finish a cup, i had difficulty as i realised my nose isnt used to the smell. I kept having the urge to sneeze when i drank it. And i got tired of the taste very fast, just after a few mouthfuls and i had enough of the alcohol.  I wanted to pour it away but Yuni didnt allow me cuz it would be quite wasteful so she helped me to finish it. Thank you eonni!
We also went to buy some waffles, it kept us waiting for very long as the queue was super long and the equipments they had were insufficient to cope with the number of customers. 2 waffles cooker that took very long to cook + too many customers = long longlong queue

We took a group photo with Sinlin’s phone so i dont have it here. Only have solo shots of myself and Gina. Cuz there were so many people, and we didnt have space nor time to take nice ones. If we took more photos, we would be blocking other people from walking.

After that, we went to Myeongdong since it was on the way. But as Yuni and I couldnt find clothes that fit us at F21, we left early. We went back to SNU station to have dinner. I had fried chicken cravings so we went to a random chicken shop near exit 3 to try the food. It was a chicken and beer shop so no plain water was offered. We didnt want to order alcohol so we had no drinks. Luckily i brought my waterbottle so i had some water to quench my thirst.
Ratings: 2/5
Review: I think the chicken doesnt suit my stomach. Probably the oil they used werent suitable for me as i started feeling bloated and couldnt finish my chicken. Not gonna go there again. It was crispy but the taste is the type whereby you get tired of the taste. I wouldnt recommend you to go here but if you are still keen to try, try it at your own risk. lol
Directions: Come out from SNU Exit 3, walk straight up then turn right at the first street. The chicken shop should be on your left. I cant remember the chicken shop name. 

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