SNU Farewell Party

In a flash, 1 semester has passed. Its now our last gathering, and the farewell party for SNU buddies.
I still remember on our first meeting, i couldnt remember Jen’s name and the country she came from. Kept asking her again and again, thankfully she was patient ^^ gomawo dongsaeng *hearts*
as for Yuni, my first impression of her was that i thought she was very enthu type. But as the semester passed, i realised i was the more enthu type kekekeke
It was thanks to Minho, my buddy, who helped me whenever i had queries . Really appreciate that he tried to help me as much as possible. Like for one instance, i was planning to go Jeju but i didnt do much research. I told him about me wanting to go Jeju and he borrowed travel books for me. At that time i felt very paiseh like, hey im the one hu wants to go overseas. but i did less research than him.
But anw, thanks for the info, have saved the pictures tt i took of the info in the travel book. Shall use it when i go jeju next time (:
Overall I was glad to be part of SNU Buddy Programme , because of it, i came to meet many nice people and forge friendships. Yes, there are room for improvements such as more transparency(if you know whati mean (; ) but i can tell that the buddies are doing there best by organising activities and taking time off the busy semester to bring us around. So thank you all for your efforts ^^
My initial plans was to just go to the party straight from my goshiwon. Then Jen kakaoed: 
wanna primp and be girly before the party at yun’s? ;P 
And the next thing i knew, hehe dolling ourselves up in Yuni’s graduate dorm. Gosh her room was sooo big as compared to mine. And Yuni ordered chicken delivery as i hadnt eaten anything yet.
During the party, some buddies from other groups and my group put up some performance. Singing performance was nice. Wished i could sing well lol
The farewell video….i was struggling to contain my emotions but i couldnt, Yuni caught me and was like,’oh no, not again’ and she passed me a serviette.
I thought i hid it well but apparently, Jen also saw.
As a farewell gift, each of us was given a tumbler and a photo album. I blame my material engineering saturday exams that caused me to miss out on the activities. Still feel bad that it was because of me that Jen and Yuni didnt go for the water activities cos i suggested that we organise our own since there are adventure agencies that organises that. But by then, the weather was too cold for us to engage in any water activities.
From left: me, becci, jen, kaela, yuni (:
if youre wondering, yes Kaela and Yuni are koreans, but from aussie and germany respectively. Becci is from germany too (: Jen is from hongkong-canada. Long story about her 2 citizenship
grace gina and me
some selcas courtesy of Gina
I was contemplating whether to go clubbing at the club that the SNU buddy had for us, cuz it would be free entry for SNU buddies aka us. But changed my mind to go noraebang with my noraebang peeps instead~
every time they sing korean songs, they would whip out their phones to sing the romanized lyrics from their handphone screens , i find it very funny and cute .well i used to do that too (;
Oh and because Shirley,Nadya and Joyce are avid noraebang-ers , they found this noraebang called SKY thats near my goshiwon and is very cheap! Like 1hr for 7000won. The room is big , you can even dance in it. But yes there is smoke smell. I did a review on it previously. click on ‘sky’ above.
We sang from 10++ till 2++ am , i couldnt take it and left early as i have a presentation at 9am the next day. Yes my material engineering, on a saturday again, yes T_T

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