Making the ARC and Collecting it

What is an ARC? (Alien Registration Card)
It is something like NRIC — An identity card. As we are foreigners, we are regarded as aliens. Yes. Aliens period
What is needed to make the ARC?
1) Photocopy of your passport and your Passport itself
2)Passport size photo x1( with ears shown)
4)ARC application form( you obtain it from the office itself)
5) Cert of Enrollment
Where to make the ARC?
Directions: Take the metro and alight at omokgyo (오목교) , and get out of exit #7.
You will see this sign in front of you a short distance away.
Yeah the ‘Seoul Immigration Office’ sign
Just follow the sign and you will be able to find your way there . But here are some pictures to guide you. Just keep walking straight and you will see this shops.
follow the sign, walk straight
You will see the SK petrol staton.
If you see this bicycle stands, you are on the right direction. keep walking straight and you will see the Seoul Immigration Office nearby. You will need to cross to the left side of the road at the first junction. Then you will see the building opposite you.
Tadah , the building in front, hidden by the trees.
When you walk in , please take note. If you are from China, there will be different procedures for you. Since  im not from China, we followed the queue and walked to the main building.
The 1st floor: Take your queue number from here first before proceeding to the second floor to pay for the ARC and take photo + photocopy your documents(if you havent). After that, proceed to the first floor to submit your documents.
 2nd Floor: make your ARC payment here.
 2nd Floor: photocopy your documents and take photo. Make sure that your ears are revealed when you take your photo. They require your ears to be shown in the photo.
At that time, Yuni and I went early as we heard that some people went late and the queue was extremely long. So to minimise waiting time, we waited for the office to open. And oh boy, there was a long queue. Apparently we werent the earliest. But we were pretty lucky, we managed to finish our ARC application in less than 2 hours. I heard some people waited for 6hours to apply for ARC, scary man.
Yuni applied for delivery while i didnt , and thats why i had to come back today to collect my ARC.
I left my goshiwon around 5 and i rushed to the office to collect my card. Kept running  because i thought that i wouldnt make it in time. Luckily, i managed to, otherwise, i would have wasted my trip. Its about 30minute ride from SNU to Omokgyo. Pretty far.
At the office, the card collection was super fast as there were not many people at the office and i collected my ARC in less than a minute. All that was needed was the receipt.
Just submit this and you will get your card!
Finally i got my card! Woots, after 1 month of waiting for it! Yeah it takes pretty long to make it so do make it as early as possible! And now, with my ARC, i can finally make my SNU Student Card and gain access to the library and print my notes  😀
Then since omokgyo was near to Edae and i needed to get autumn wear( was tired of my wardrobe), so i decided to drop by Edae and shop!
Ended up buying 3 tops, surprisingly i wasnt hungry even when my last meal was around 1pm. But i decided to try some street food. Yeah, my first time, since im not really a street food fan. Prefer to eat proper meals / sit down meals. But i was tempted by the chicken, and i succumbed to my temptations and got myself 닭꼬기.
They sell a variety of snacks but i opted for my chicken. Imma chicken lover, just like Onew ^^
Super yummy. I hate to eat the fats, its so gross. But they put so much sauce that i just swallowed down the fats willingly. hahaha, yeah im a lean meat eater.
Ratings: 5/5
Super nicee, the meat was marinated very well. And i finished it quickly. It was too good. It cost 2500won.  The stick was  like 30cm long. So it is pretty worth the money.
After my snack, i decided to return home…and start studying for my material engineering test. sighhhhhh, horrible module. Hope i pass well. please please let me pass.

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