Fireworks at Hangang Park Festival Night

We had our dinner in Myeongdong. Going for non-korean food. Becci recommended us this restaurant and oh boy, the food was really delicious!
we ordered 1 pasta and 2 pizzas. But it was so big that we couldnt finish it!
Very filling and big and delicious pizzas. The pasta is also very good. Very tasty but also the type of taste whereby you wont get bored of the taste. As for price range, its on the high side like 11-18k won per pizza. Not as cheap as pizzaschool. I cant remember what we ordered so i kinda went online to research for the menu and piece together the information of the food that we ordered. Hehe cuz i cldnt recall at all, I asked Becci if she could , luckily she remembered the keywords of the pizza and pasta names. 

For our pizza: Basic Instinct, Extra Margharita(14000won??) and Everyone Loves Gorgonzola (17000won)

For our Pasta : Dramatic Twist, Crema Gamberi 14500won (spicy)

Directions: Sorry i dont have the directions, key in 중구 충무로1가 22-2, Seoul, Korea into your smartphones or look for the tourist guides(staff in red) at myeongdong. They will be able to direct you. The restaurant is at the basement.
Thinking that we have more than enough time to arrive at the hangang park, we shopped quite a bit at myeongdong and left around 7.30pm But then, we didnt know that there would be such a big crowd at the Yeouinaru Station. We were stuck in it for at least an hour. I was able to escape from the station earlier than them since i could squeeze my way through. Funsize FTW!
We were rather unlucky, because we came too late so we were caught in the human jam. As a result, we only caught 10seconds of the fireworks. A measly 10 seconds. Not even good view.
I didnt know that it was such a large scale event and there were so many people.
Lesson learnt: should have gone there early to camp.
 Jen and her friends went early like 4pm to camp so she managed to get good view.
For more information on this fireworks event, please click here!

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