2D1N OIA fieldtrip to Gyeongju – Day 2

Last night the OIA staff told us they would be giving us a morning call around 6.30am and we are to report at the lobby by 8am sharp. Breakfast would be served at 7am. Absentmindedly, i set my alarm, then when we slept halfway and one by one, our alarms rang, we groggily asked each other, ‘ is that the morning call’.
Apparently, my brain was too blank to absorb the word ‘ call’ , only after we received a call, then i realised it. Talk about tiredness . The word just bounced on my head, never enter my brain.
Love the blanket, but not the pillow, it was slightly too hard for me.
Oops, i forgot to show you our room, hehe.
i looked haggard. Heh but here my dark rings isnt obvious teehee. Thats Gina behind, my hands too fast for her. She couldnt smile in time teehee

                                                             Pardon our untidy bedroom.

I was expecting a buffet breakfast and was already planning what to eat. Hence i was surprised that we werent having any buffet at all. But the food was nice. Sinful though, i had to abstain from beef but all the meals are beef. Tonight must pray to atone for my sins.
im a rice lover. Love the rice. Ohhh love the rice for all my meals in koreaa
 Our first destination today->  Andong ConfucianLand
Due to the lack of sleep , i was so shagged that i fell asleep on the bus, my head lolling left and right, ended up with neck ache. And when our bus reached our destination, i was having second thoughts on getting off the bus. Just wanna sleep somemore. But in the end , i reluctantly got off the bus to visit the Confucian Land. Like duh, of course i get off la, if not where got photo to show yall (;
The place is really huge, but alas, in a remote area. I didnt see anyone visiting the place other than our tour group, so i guess the place is pretty like a ghost town. But even so, the stuff in the Confucian land was interesting to a certain extent.
At the first part, we were guided into a tunnel where we walked back into time to the origins of confucianism.
the 5 core values of confucianism
my favourite exhibition- trying the hanboks( ILOVEHANBOKSTTM)
My hotel roomie- Sirpa(:
The fake waterfall and the confucianism symbols. Cant remember the details about the symbols , but their positions holds a meaning to it.
this game was fun hhahahah , basically, its is a traditional game. Cant remember the details of the game, can only recall tug-of-war.
We caught a short 4D movie in the theatre. We sat at the wrong side of the theatre though, hehe no choice la, we dont understand the korean. The entire movie was in korean, i could only understand 20% of the movie.
Who is cuter? Me or Him? Me right, yes i know. *flicks hair*
If you said him, u have no taste lah.
pretty flowers spotted!
After the Confucian Land, we went to have Bulgogi for lunch!
I sinned again, the beef was damn nice though. Sigh, what a pity i turned 21 before having my fill of beef in Korea. I love the way koreans marinated beef,it just taste sooo gudddd. Had i not turned 21, mom would still allow me to eat as much beef as i want T_T
This restaurant’s beef is SUPERB. SUPERBLY GOOD.
Ratings: 5/5
I was so hungry that i ate 2 bowls of rice, ate until everyone at our table already had their fill and i was the only girl still eating, other than Teck Poh. Small girl, big appetite. Until now i havent figured out where the food go, other than my super high metabolism.
After lunch, we went to visit Hahoe Village, saw a lot of traditional houses and villagers going about their daily lives and routines.
the UNESCO site- Hahoe village
random shop
Saw this vending machine here, was piqued by it because usually i always see the machines with power socket nearby. But this was in the outdoor area, under a tree. My only guess is that it runs on solar. Still very intrigued by it.
Figures carved from tree trunks, goodness me on the number of hours they put in to carve all these faces out!
some ahjumma making some sweet food. not a sweet tooth so i didnt bother trying
maize field with the mountain as the backdrop
our pose nice right. my pose look like,’ look at the gorgeous and big maize field’  , sin lee’s pose look like ‘ yay we are here in hahoe village’s maize field!’
We wandered around the village and spotted some tents. Then we realised that we can do some calligraphy with our names free of charged! My very first calligraphy. Teck Poh, Sin Lee and Thye Yi did calligraphy before hence their calligraphy was wayyyy nicer than mine.
Too long never write chinese, for a moment, i was afraid that i would forget how to write my chinese name. Dont laugh at me or judge me. Who knows, you might also have forgotten yours 😛
See the difference? Intermediate vs Beginner. Bold strokes and light strokes. im observant yeah , for once. ^^v
so this is how the usual walkway is like, the rural walkway
the thatch roofs , i wonder how it would be like to stay in those houses for a night
love the vibrant colours of the flowers
i cant remember why we took photos at this tree but i guess it was a pretty unique one since i remember quite a number of people went up to take photo of the tree. and oh, there is Thye Yi with her calligraphy. My photo is in her camera though.
where the spices, salt,etc were stored.
a souvenir shop
some random shot
apparently there was an event going on, but due to time constraint, we couldnt check it out. Snapped this photo when running past it.
fresh vegetation
running back to our tour bus, good bye hahoe village~
we ran to our next destination, which was right beside the hahoe village- the Hahoe Mask Museum
Basically, you just see all types of hahoe masks, and the masks in various countries, sadly, Singapore doesnt have one.
I was quite bored by it as i wasnt very interested in such stuff but even so, there were some fun bits. Tadah, trying of the masks!
okayys these were the rather cute figurines
haha i took this picture because of Thye Yi. Influenced by her, basically, u seldom see masks being used to depict the gender. Thus the photo was taken.
After the hahoe museum, it was time to return back to Seoul. The OIA staff were very nice and they gave us snacks again and some pancakes. Sin Lee bought the andong and gave one to me, it was nice! Regretted not  buying one too, but told myself that even if i buy, also cant bring back to sg to share with my family and friends, so might as well dont buy. Talk about persuading oneself from buying stuff haha.
Nice andong packaging and the fillings! Red Bean, im not a fan of red bean because i find it too sweet. But when it is wrapped with the pancake, it is not very sweet -> SUPER LIKE IT!!! YOU GUYS REALLY MUST GO BUY!
The drinks and buns that the OIA staff handed to all of us! Feeling so well taken care of  ^^ the next time they organise it, ill definitely go.
And off we go, back to Seoul~
We arrived at one of the resting stations, where some went to buy snacks, some went to the toilet.
The toilet is so cool! Its automated. This screen shows you which cubicle is vacant, so you can just zero in on the toilet. You dont see it in singapore at all.
Back , home sweet home.
 Here are my souvenirs from my Gyeongju- OIA trip. Looking at my calligraphy, i wished ive taken calligraphy lessons when young. My handwriting sucks ><
On the bright side, the hahoe village gave us free souvenirs! And i bought a stack of postcards from Gyeongju when we were at the Bulguksa Temple (:
Alright that marks the end of my 2D1N Gyeongju trip, well spent free trip.

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