Immersing myself into Uni Life again

Time flies and now its week 3. I felt weird for the past few weeks as i was so carefree. Before i went on SEP, i was involved in KCIG dance practices and weekly plannings for CCA activities as i was from the committee. I also signed up for dhoppers semester classes. And since dance practices usually takes up 4-5hours each week, coupled with 1-2hours of committee meetings, my school life was rather packed.

Even though i had 1-2 offdays on alternate weeks because of my awesome timetable, i go to school daily. I love going to school early to chop a computer at PC commons and then mugging on my own till dinnertime, whereby i would then go home for dinner.So my life revolved around studies and dance and cca.

Then when i went on SEP, every week i would try to go out to enjoy myself, so i packed my schedule as full as possible. And when i was back in singapore in december, as i have already stepped down and was not involved in any dance performance, life slowed to a stop.

Now that im back in school, i decided to fill my schedule with activities again! Yes, since i have filled my first 2years of uni life with dance, now i aim to go for more CIP ccas or OCIP! And to earn a bit of money, i am eyeing the ivle daily to look for paid experiments to sign up for!

Im hoping to join the Studio Wu’s TYT programme which would be in feb . I also recently signed up for Red Cross Youth for the Disabled, yup back to Red Cross days…. so now my sundays are booked! Time to give back to the community!

Hoping to get PTS too! So my goal this sem, to juggle street jazz classes + weekly CIP + paid experiments +TYT( if i sign up for it, but most likely i will be signing up for it!).

I think im crazy, but somehow i just love going to school! Love studying at PC commons, cuz sometime when i study at home, i cant concentrate and as a result, i waste my time away….>< whereas, everyone is studying in PC commons, so i get pressurised to study and not slack!

Hope that my semester classes at street jazz will help me to get into the dance crew! *crosses fingers*

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