Modules/Courses i took in SNU

I wasnt planning to do a post on the modules that i took in SNU but Shan was rather interested so ill do one here. I guess it will benefit the rest who might be taking the modules i took and wanted to know what the module is about. If you are a korean, sorry that i cant type in korean. My korean isnt good T_T

1)Economics of Sustainability



Bought 2 books that the Prof said was important, ended up using both books to press my autumn leaves instead. Didnt get past the 1st chapter when i tried reading it. Kuznet Curve. Prof taught economic concepts like those DD and SS curves , market externalities, public goods , somewhat recapping back Jc 2 econs stuff. 


Final exam : 40%
Paper Presentation: 15%
Assigned Discussion : 10%
CS Report: 25%
Attendance: 10%
Got bell curve.

2)Financial Management



I find this module super tough despite studying for it. Yes i studied just to pass it. I found out that my weaknes is in finance. No matter how much effort i put in, it just doesnt get stuck in my head. We were taught on long bonds, short bonds. YTM(yield to maturity) , those high risk and low risk bonds. A lot of formulas. The professor speaks english fluently, he is very westernised. 

After taking this mod, i felt lucky that i didnt take Business as my major when i went to NUS. It is just not my style. * imitates Kris*



Mid term: 22%
Final Term: 44%
Hw #1 & 2: 11%
Mkt watch Presentation: 11%
Individual class participation: 11%

3)Principles of Material Engineering

This is by far the worst module ever in SNU. Firstly, when we applied for this module, it was stated to be taught in english. There was supposed to be 3 classes by 3 different professors. 1 is in english while the rest is in korean. So we chose the english-taught class. But when we went for our 1st class, we found out that they combined the 3 classes into 1 class. So only 1/3 of the syllabus will be taught in English , the rest will be taught in korean. 

Things went downturn and we even felt that we might be the first batch to actually fail our modules while on SEP. No joke, cuz we didnt pass a single test. 

We went for classes for the sake of attendance marks, yes we were that desperate . And cuz we didnt understand a single thing during the korean lecture, we spent our time facebooking,etc. And we met some malaysians who are international students there, they told us that many koreans have dropped the module and 1/4 of the cohort are retakers. So you can imagine how tough this module is. 

It is also through this module, i have a taste of how life is like for a full-fledged engineering student. I only took 1 module and i was damn emo by it. I salute the engineering students in my home university now. If you can survive engineering , you can survive anything. 



I scored the worst for this paper, its like about polymers, unit cells. argh hated this module ttm. total nightmare.



2 mid terms(each constituting 18%)
1 final term exam(28%).
Projects + Weekly assignments (18%)
Attendance (18%).

4)Introduction to Animal Behaviour

Going for this module lessons feels like watching documentaries all the time.


Initially i printed lecture slides, but i dislike the professor’s untidy and unorganised lecture slides. His arrows will be all over the slides. So i printed the tb instead and self study. 

Me and Yiyi went for most of the lessons thinking that attendance marks will be taken since our Prof usually hands out the attendance sheet for us to mark. But nearing the end of the semester, i checked the gradings weightage and realised that attendance is not counted into our grades. -.-  facepalm myself zillion times. Could have explored more or traveled more and just self study.



We were taught how animals learn, how they find their partners and how they choose their partners, like based on what behaviours, traits, how they hunt. How animals cooperate with each other, how kinship plays a part in animal behaviour,  mating systems in animals, and how environment plays a part in affecting animal behaviours.

 It requires a lot of memorisation as the Professors will ask you questions based on the many examples in the textbook. Somehow this module was quite mangeable for me, i didnt really memorise, but read the textbook like reading storybook, and cos everything is so interesting to me, it naturally got stuck in my head. Yiyi kept complaining,’ 怎么办,那么多,怎样记??‘ 

After taking this module, i had thoughts on taking courses more on animal behaviour stuff.


40% on Mid Term. 40% on Finals , 10 % on pair work project where we had to do a report on an animal. 10% on individual book review, 2-3pg.
For our pair work, me and Yiyi chose to do on spider since its most commonly found. That time we were standing at the post office facing the student center and wondering where to find spiders, then i realised there was a huge spider right in front of us. JACKPOT!
As for individual book review, our Prof gave us a list of books we could choose from. Everything was about animal except Sperm Wars, that was about infidelity among humans. Being the only foreigners, we decided to do on Sperm Wars. Bet lotsa guys would be itching to do it, but we viewed this in a scientific way and did our review on it. Reading the book…..hmmm i once commented to Yiyi,’ wah piang, i feel like im reading porn leh.’ Yiyi,’ ya lor , 我也是。哎呀,继续读啦!‘
Basically in this book, each chapter starts with a literal description of the sleazy stuff and the human reproduction stuff. Then after the description, the author explains it in a scientific way. It allows you to understand human reproduction stuff in a clean way. So everytime reading the literal description is like pollluting my mind. Then when i proceed on to read the scientific explanation, my mind is cleaned again. So repeatedly pollute + clean dono how many times.

5)Fashion Merchandising



You learn how clothes are made,fiber industry,textile industry, garments industry, the componenets of clothes. You learn how merchandising works, from the first inspiration to prototype to Ready-to-wear clothes in retail stores. You also learn how fashion companies are classified, whether it is fashion leader or Main streamers. How retail shops are classified, whether it is wide and shallow assortments or narrow and deep assortments, blah blah. Like for fiber industry, you learn about man-made fiber industry, what types of weaving there are ,etc. 

This was the first time it happened in my uni life.
Prof: So we will have exam on this date. Is it okayys? Or you guys prefer to have it a week later?
Students: a week later please    (like obviously)
Prof: Ok we will postpone it !
Whoa, daebak, if only my home university Professors are like this.
Prof prints notes for student all the time. The nicest teacher ever.



Final exam: 50%
CA: 50%( Attendance 10%, Mid term:20% , Assignments: indiv & grp 20% )

6)Advanced Construction Technology



i can only remember its about stock and flow diagrams and the usage of software cuz i was in charge of presenting in my group. Very relaxing mod for me other than the jitters i get everytime i do the presentation. 
No final exams. Only CA . quizzes and attendance 10% , Term Proj: 50%(only final presentation is graded) , wkly assignement : 40%(4 x 10%)
But alas, through sheer luck, i managed to pass all my modules, WHOOHOO!

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