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I have been on blogging marathon since i came back from Korea. But i am still left with around 9 more posts to finish and those posts are the ones with lotsa of photos ,which means it will take me ages to upload to photos ..

Having a bad sore throat and self medicating for the past 5days, i went to shop on friday for cny clothes with mom but halfway i felt faint so we rushed back home after that for me to rest.

Time flies and now , it is the first day of school in NUS. The last time i was in NUS was last May. I havent been to school for so long such that it feels weird to be back in school.

I mixed up the time taken to get to school. Luckily i told my dad last night that i have to leave the house at 11 to catch the train to school. I set my alarm at 9+ am but when my alarm rang, i switched it off.

Set 15minutes timer,checked my phone and went back to sleep.  Then when my timer rang, i set another 15minutes timer ,checked my phone and was messaging Jo then i told her ‘ i gg sleep again’ and slept. When my timer rang for the 3rd time, i think i was still too tired, and my brain couldnt do mental calculations….i set 30minutes timer and slept again.

Suddenly my dad opened the door ‘ hey do you have to go to sch?’
me groggily : yeah…need to leave at 11. (head still on pillow, eyes closed)
dad: now is already 10.15

Scared me sia, i suddenly sat up ,’ shit im gna be late for sch!!! i haven had brunch yet!!’

Luckily, dad was able to reschedule his work and send me to school. Otherwise i would be late.
Thank you daddy ^^

I think i am still in my SEP mood when attending the lecture.

Lecture #1 : Risk Management

Our professor is a South Korean. And he told us that he would be playing music videos during toilet breaks and today he chose to play Exo-Growl.

BTS while taking this photo:
me: OMGOMOMOGMGM ITS KPOP! OMGOMG EXO! SHINee! Beast! ahh Prof is going to play growl now!!! OMGGG
jo: calm down , youre like hyperventilating

Lecture #2: Facilities Planning & Design

Lecture was cancelled, yay!

Lecture #3: Science of Music

Went for the lecture on my own cos Gina wasnt feeling well. Halfway through my lecture i was feeling famished. Seeing the girl sitting beside me munching on her snacks made me hungrier. Still in SEP mood so i went out to buy waffles and eat in the lecture hall. Too hungry. Earlier on i printed notes and end up , brought the wrong bag. Handbag was too small to put my notes and i disliked to fold my papers. So i had to hold my notes all the way home >.<

Note to self: to eat before lecture. Need to regain my momentum.

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