Before the special day came, i was thinking of what to do. Not attached means no special dates. Valentine day meant a day of love. So i decided, alright some love for mom and dad. To make it more special, i decided to purchase a bouquet of roses.
When i was making my order, i was thinking of how people would judge me. a girl buying a bouquet?!?
Well i was scared but at the same time, i wanted to make it special, so i decided to just thicken my already-thick skin and made the order.
While i was planning how i was going to surprise my parents, i didnt know my gfs were preparing surprises for me too as we didnt have the habits for that.
Basically, i usually dont make gifts for people on vday, 내 style 아니야 *imitates kris*
When shan suddenly LINE-ed me asking to meet me up, i was suspicious, like whuts going on. And when i met up with her,
Me *hides behind shan intending to surprise her but she caught me*
shan: hey, here you go
me : whats going on man? cant be my bday bah, also not my birthday, still got long long time. what are you up to?
as i opened the orange envelope, a small plastic bag was inside
me: wah, you trying to follow baekhyun issit? is it inside the plastic bag going to have a smaller plastic bag ? like how baekhyun did it?then later got a 내사진—OMGGGG ITS REALLY 내사진!!!!
Yeah so when i was mentioning about 내사진, i was opening the plastic bag and i saw baekhyun’s photocard.
Talk about coincidence. I was damn surprised and kept exclaiming while entering the train, my voice became high pitched squeals.
omg i need to face the wall later , so embarrassing, high pitched squeals in the train in the public. My image gone liao. Reputation also gone liao.
That was before valentine day.
I super love it and i placed baekhyun’s photo in my wallet, hees
Thanks shan , love you deep deep
And on  the valentine day itself, when i collected the bouquet from the delivery peeps, the moment i walked to Central Forum, i could feel all the eyes of the girls and guys. I literally saw their heads turn and stare at me. Cos i was holding to other flowers and the bouquets. One of the flowers was my friend’s , not mine!
I felt so shy and embarrassed cos it was not what they perceived it to be.
I can bet those girls are thinking,’ wahh that girl is soo lucky, her boyfriend bought her a bouquet !’
And those guys might be thinking,’ whoa that dude really loves his gf.’
It also suddenly struck on me, those bouquets you see girls holding or guys holding may not be bouquets for their gf/bf, it could be for their moms. How sweet, so to those singles out there, dont feel sad about it. Just tell yourself, what if those flowers are for their moms and they are also singles? (:
Luckily i brought a plastic bag so i placed the bouquet inside to avoid the stares and just held on to the flowers. Then some people thought that i was a delivery girl -.-
When i was having lunch with yinghui, i told her about it and pondered whether to hold my bouquet and be misunderstood by people or to hide my bouquet.

I like her reply when she said,

‘Its not everyday whereby you can go around carrying bouquets of flowers, so i strongly feel that you should just hold it.’
When i went home with the flowers, i was damn nervous on being found out by my mom and my surprise element would be gone. Luckily she didnt suspect anything, when i gave her my daisy, she was surprised pleasantly.
I waited anxiously for my dad to come back so i could give her the bouquet, finally when dad returned, hehehehe showtime! I sneaked and passed the bouquet to dad and he gave mom the roses.  She was so surprised LOL! hahahah felt like an idiot smiling behind them.
Then my dad passed me an envelope,
Dad: you have mail, who sent it to you?
Me *takes one look at the handwriting* : huh i have mail? Oh, that must be Pat, i recognised her funny address.
And yup so that was the other surprise that awaited me. So sweet of Pat to handmake a bracelet for me, feel so happy today ^^
It was the most meaningful valentine day .I was totally surprised by my gfs while succeeding in my valentine day mission. Contrary to how singles would feel that valentine day would be boring and makes you be jealous of the couples, yes i may feel a tinge of jealousy, but i feel happy too. Well, singlehood is awesome! But hey im not saying that being attached isnt awesome, it is too!

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