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I have no photos for our hostel at Big Bear, but if you want photos, can go to this website. The room my friend and i booked were 6 people per room, with green bedsheets. There were fans and airconditioner in the room but the airconditioner, you cant adjust it on your own. If you want adjustment, you have to tell the host. Click here for photos of the hostel. I would say the photos are 95% accurate. Cos in the photos it looks very new, but it wasnt. However the place is really cozy.
Bicycle rental information
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Tarogo Package
Hualien to Kenting (1 Way ) The package we took to get to our next accomodation at Kenting
Another Hualien to Kenting Package. We didnt take this as we already toured Ruisui farm on our own
I really like the cleanliness and availability of tour packages which were economical. We signed up for the Tarogo Tour package where we toured many scenic locations at Tarogo Gorge , we had lunch at a restaurant in Tarogo Gorge and the food was not bad, economically priced.I did a post on places to go in Hualien, you can check out my review on it, click here. And they had 3 drop off points for us for us to choose from.
Here is a list of packages they offer:
Activities: (all below day tours and activities pick up and drop off at big bear hostel)
Below are individual prices, discount prices will be given to a large group.
1. Taroko Day Tour (including Qingshui Cliffs and Qixintan beach) NT$650 (return) (it was further discounted)
2. East Rift Valley Day Tour NT$650 (return)
3. Carpooling, Hualien to Kenting (mountain line/ coast line) or Kenting to Hualien (mountain line/coast line), NT$1,100 (one way only)
4. Carpooling to Taitung NT$900 mountain line/ coast line (one way only)
5. Whale watching NT$750
6. White water rafting NT$950
7. River tracing (half day) NT$900, a whole day NT$1800
Also bicycle and electric scooter rental service are provided at our information desk.
Apparently, at that time we didnt know Hualien has no public transport, so we relied on bus 11(our legs) to get to our destinations. Occasionally when too tired, we would take a cab( the host gave us a namecard, saying that the company is partnership with them, so regardless of where you are in hualien, it cost on NTD100 to cab from one place to another).
Just take note, the host has a dog, but it looks a little dirty, just saying, from my observation. And it loves food, keep eyeing me whenever i have my supper. Its called Maxi (if i dont remember wrongly).
Because we went Hualien when it was monsoon season, like we were there in end May, so we signed up for the hualien to kenting one way package where we get to tour the coastlines while on the way to our Kenting Time House accomodation. They sent us to the doorstep. Very good service and it was economically priced.
  • Host was very helpful and courteous
  • Economical Tour Package to Tarogo was available
  • Rooms were clean
  • Pillow and mattress and blanket was very comfy, the mattress is very thick, blanket was huge.
  • Very near to Huo Che Station
  • Water dispenser/cooler available (has HOT,WARM,COLD functions)
  • 3 toilets per floor, the toilets are normal sized, not as small as the Ximen Wow Hostel toilet size
  • Shampoo , body wash provided. This was provided at all the accomodation that i went to, Ximen Wow Hostel, Kenting Time House, Leya House at Puli, Taichung GoAround Hostel.
  • Very cheap, i spent only SGD15 per night (High accessibility + Comfort +Clean + Quiet & safe environment)
  • The building is a bit old
  • You are only allowed to use the hairdryer to blow your hair and nothing else
  • At that time in the day, there was construction, but at night, it was peaceful.
  • No breakfast provided
  • No free laundry service, only pay per use laundry
Ratings: 5/5 ( Definitely recommend friends to stay here!)

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