Curly’s Mixed Dorm at Puli

One of the best hostel experience ever. The host couple were very warm-hearted, they were very caring and treated us like their children. When we were there, we exchanged contacts and communicated through WeChat, Huang lao shi and Curly (his wife) would check up on us whether we have reached our destination / slept or not. I took a video of it but due to space constraint in wordpress, i can’t upload it here. This is the room we booked, click here. We were very lucky that when we were there, we were the only occupants in the room, so we had the 4- bed room to ourselves! The room was very big, it felt like our own apartment except without a kitchen. And it was super cheap. The host placed brochures and maps in our room and prepared slippers for us.
The host, Huang Lao Shi, told us that he went to Singapore before and marveled at the cleanliness of Singapore and was worried the accommodation wouldn’t be up to my expectation.
Me, a Singaporean, i just expected cleanliness, high accessibility and wifi. That’s all. I didn’t expect such a huge room, with so many personalised facilities. I guess i’m easily contented hahah
Frankly speaking, i was shocked by the size of the room and so touched by the warmness of the host, their dedication to make our visit a great one that i… teared. Serene was like,’ huh , like that you also tear?! Aiyo, dont tear la.’
Then when we were preparing to go Taichung but it was raining heavily, they advised us to take a cab , their trusted cab driver who is also their neighbour to send us to Taichung. They are all very friendly. They also ensured that the cab fares were always economically priced as most of their customers aka us are students.
I have no photos as i only took a video of the room, but i am unable to upload here due to space constraint. All i can say is, the photos on their website doesn’t do them justice. They didn’t take photo of how large the room is.
  • friendly, caring, warm-hearted hosts who volunteered his service to drive us to Che Cheng so that we can take the train to Jiji Railway Station that is near to Sun moon lake
  • huge room to ourselves at affordable pricing (lucky that we were the only ones)
  • personal aircon remote controller
  • TV in room
  • proper beds (very comfy)
  • private toilet, huge one with washing powder, body wash and shampoo, huge mirror, basin and stool for us if we wanted to wash our clothes
  • 2 free mineral water
  • hot water flask provided
  • our own dressing table
  • our own walk in closet, yes, with at least 10 hangars inside
  • study table
  • our own laundry stand (i mean you can hang your wet clothes there to dry)
  • very clean room
  • if you are one who would like to mingle with other occupants, then perhaps you might be lonely , we didn’t get to see other occupants
Ratings: 5/5 (definitely will recommend my friends to come and stay)
By the way, i am not paid to do this review.

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