Review of Go-Around Hostel(Taichung, Taiwan)


1 night for SGD38 for 2 pax, so it cost SGD19 per night. We only stayed a night there as we reached Taichung around 5pm and we checked out the next day morning.

We booked this room while we were at Kenting, we checked in on 27 May and we booked on 24th May. The picture on the website is accurate, our room is the one with greenish blue walls.


  • Clean room
  • slippers provided
  • high accessibility to shopping district, it’s just downstairs
  • cheap
  • comfortable bed with pillow and blanket (abit like hotel type of blanket)
  • toiletries provided
  • our own TV
  • personalised airconditioner
  • wifi provided, strong wifi


  • the host doesn’t seem very helpful
  • flush system is weak though
  • the water flow from the shower head is atrociously small, serene was like ‘ how did I even managed to wash my head wit hthe extremely small water flow
  • a closet but with no hangars (Serene was like ‘ huh provide closet with no hangars?’)


4.5/5 (i didn’t quite like the host’s attitude , when we wanted to check out, we couldn’t get to the reception counter/office, and we decided to just slide the key under the door. But i like the high accessibility to the shopping districts and free wifi, i dont know if the water flow problem is just with our room or not.)


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