Our Golden Village Gold Class Express Experience at Funan Cinema

I have always wondered how Gold Class experience at Golden Village is like but never thought of trying it as it is just too expensive. So when the boy had complimentary Golden Village Gold Class tickets that we could use for either Gold Class Experience or Gold Class cinemas, I was stoked. 

So why not, try the luxury experience of watching movies at the atas Gold Class cinema! The advertisements that I always hear about it is having a private lounge, and the comfy reclining electronic chair, two people to a table, your own butler serving dishes to you, having your meal while watching a movie with the best sound systems. 

So is it what it portrays? Read on as I try out the Gold Class Express experience!

In case you are wondering about what’s the difference between Gold Class Express and Gold Class, it’s just the type of food they serve, having a butler serve you and the lounge is more on the luxurious end. Other than that, the seats are still the same. Usually, people go for Gold Class shows for movies that are really long, like Endgames, which was 3hour long, that would be more value for money. 

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Golden Village Gold Class Express Lounge

Gold Class Experience Express at Funan

As compared to the luxurious lounge that Gold Class has, Gold Class Express has a Grab & Go Cafe which you can still order food through, and during your movie, you can order your food through the GV app and have your food delivered to you. The cafe also feels more hipster-ish, less on the luxurious aspect but it has a very cosy and youngster-vibe, which I believe is their target audience too, offering a luxurious movie experience at a more economic price. It is also $3 cheaper than Gold Class. 

Golden Village Class Food Menu

Gold Class Experience Express, Food Menu

They have a wide range of selections: salad, soup, bites, sweet treats, pizzas, paired with wine, beverage and beer.

The price point is also quite economical, SGD 13 for a pizza, SGD 11 for Chicken Chop Kampong Fried Rice.

Gold Class All Time Favourite Dishes

They also have all-time favourites such as mini churros with ice cream, onion rings, truffle fries and Combos to choose from as you pair your snacks with your drinks. 

Our Golden Village Express Experience

As we got to our seats, there were a pair of mineral water and cookies at our table. These are included in our ticket. And yes, we were late for our show as well, hence all the dark photos.

Complimentary Drinks and Snacks at Gold Class Express

They are quite famous for their cranberry orange cookies, the boy finished his pack and I gave him mine to snack on as well. You can see who is the foodie here 🙂

Gold Class Experience, Cranberry Orange Cookies

There were blankets provided, which was perfect in the cold air-conditioned cinema hall.

Indeed, our seats were plush leatherette electronic recliner seats which were super comfortable. It is like massage chairs. Super spacious luxurious seats. We got our tickets last minute so our seats were in the first row. Just like what the cashier described, it felt like an IMAX experience. 

Contrary to what I was worried about, that I would have a neck ache from sitting in the first row, I was utterly wrong. It was so comfortable and I did not have any neck ache. The only cons is, the boy preferred our usual cinema couple seats as opposed to being separated by the little table between us. So cute this little boy.

We didn’t order any food as we had our meal before going. But if you want to order food, you can just order from the GV app! I prefer to watch shows without eating because I tend to get thirsty when i consume food and will end up using the bathroom. 

But from what I researched, if you were to go for the Gold Class experience, arrive 1.5 hours earlier than your movie timing to have your meal at the luxurious private lounge then after your meal, go for the movie. You will get more bang for your buck. We didn’t as we had prior plans. 

If you’re planning to have your meal while eating, I suggest not to, because you won’t be able to see what you are eating. It’s a better idea to eat at the private lounge first before going to the movie and have a nice experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the golden village gold class include food? 

Yes, it does! You can go to the lounge to have your meals! Or if you are at your seat, you can order from your phone app! Check out the menu that i shared.

Is the golden village gold class menu halal?

I doubt so, I didnt see any halal signs. 

What is the Golden village cinema Gold Class ticket price?

It is priced at $42 per pax. Whereas the Gold Class Express ticket is priced slightly cheaper, at $39 per pax. 

Normal Golden Village cinema usual ticket price is at max, 12 bucks for the weekend and Friday screening time, while cheapest on weekdays afternoon. I’m on GV club so I try to get discounts on movie days. We used to buy HSBC movie cards when we watched movies more often before covid struck.  You can check out their website here

Promotions at Golden Village Gold Class

Check out the Golden Village website here

Golden Village Gold Class Cinema Locations:

Golden Village Gold Class Suntec City

Address:3 Temasek Blvd #01-641/642 Suntec City Mall Singapore, 038983

Golden Village Gold Class Great World City Cinema

Address:1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-125, Great World City, Singapore 237994

Golden Village Gold Class Katong Cinema 

Address: closed for renovation as at time of writing

Golden Village Gold Class Vivocity Cinema

Address:1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-30, VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Golden Village Gold Class Yishun Cinema

Address:51 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 768794

Golden Village Gold Class Express, Funan Cinema

Address:107 North Bridge Road, #05-01, Funan Mall, Singapore 179105

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