A kpopping day & visiting kdrama film site!

Today i went to apgujeong cuz for the past few months, i havent been doing much of kpop. So i felt that i should immerse myself in abit of kpop and kdrama before going home. a balance, you know (;
a random street view. Apgujeong street feels like gangnam street. It also feels like the main road right outside my Goshiwon. The only difference is that the shops here sell branded stuff.
First we went to mangosix, i order a sandwich alacarte but didnt order any drinks as i was on budget. Ericka loved the mango drinks. Initially we wanted to go to the mangosix branch where The Heirs was filmed but we ended up at the branch where Gentleman Dignity was filmed. Yet inside, we saw photos of The Heirs, so we reckoned that both dramas were filmed at the same branch. And that The Heirs was filmed at more than 1 branch. The atmosphere in the cafe was very high class. I felt like a rich school girl when i was there. As a foreigner, one must snap as many photos as possible to keep it as memories. LOL.

cant help snapping it, just love this scene of the bros
1)Come out of exit 5 and walk straight.
2)Keep walking straight, turn right at the 4th street aka main road aka after Sony. You will pass by a building 
with the kingkong. 
3) Then keep walking straight and you will pass by CGV thats on your right.
4)Cross the road to your left at the second intersection. You will see Horim Art Center at the first intersection but dont cross them.Cross only at the second intersection.
5) After crossing, walk straight up and Mango Six will be on your left.
After that, i went with Ericka to visit the entertainment buildings and see if we were lucky enough to spot any celebrities.
on our way , we saw exo and SHINee posters on a building that was supposed to be SM’s trainee center. SHINee pics is still w Ericka.ill update this post when i get the photos
While walking to SM, we passed by the old SM building.
1 year ago, i was here , i camped outside the SM building from 2pm till 11pm without food. That time i went with zhen zhen and we were both shinee fans. it was taemin’s birthday so we have a chance to see him. It was tiring but satisfying as i saw many celebrities. I saw all SHINee members except Minho. 
Jonghyun drove his car to SM to celebrate Taemin’s birthday. Then when the party ended, he came out to the guards house to collect his car. When he tried to drive his car out of the garage, he had difficulty and couldnt manuveur out. The fans kept telling him to do it slowly while he looked super flustered. He spent quite a few minutes trying to get his car out of the garage. For the first time, i felt he was super cute. Before seeing him in person, i thought that he has the arrogant trait. But when i saw him entertaining the fans , i realised he has a lot of swag. Not arrogance. 
As for Key, i saw him for a brief moment only from far when he was walking from the brick building  to the SM building in front. He was on top of the steps,above the guardhouse. As expected, a fashion diva.
When we saw Taemin, he was led by his manager to the hair salon right beside the SM building. The moment the fans saw him, he was swarmed totally. Luckily his manager and bodyguards protected him from the over-excited fans. Zhenzhen and I just stood at a side to watch and see him. He was very handsome. Feeling like a paedo-noona but seriously, he is drop dead handsome. When he came out of the salon, he was in different clothes. I guess to dress up for his fanclub as we saw the staff getting the selected fan club members to queue up to enter the SM building. Lucky fans.
We only saw Onew at night after the party has ended. He came out from the front and he was damn near me. His manager walked past me and he followed him while putting 2 mineral bottles on his cheeks. At that time, i knew he was a celebrity but somehow i couldnt recognise him. It was then when he walked right past me, brushing past me then i recognised him. I was stunned. Quite drama—you know when you read romance books then they always describe the dramatic moment when you see your crush or something? Yeah i felt like that for the first time. ‘Dian-ed dao’
Then the fans swarmed around me cos he was just right beside me walking past me . At that time, i was very tempted to reach out and pat his shoulder or something cos his back was within my reach but i darent. I was afraid that if i did that, his manager and bodyguards might hurt me or his fans might attack me for touching their oppa. I also felt that it would be inappropriate to touch him cos its like not respecting him. 
Other than SHINee, i saw some Suju members , Changmin  , and Lee Soo Man.
Changmin was in casual clothes, top and bermudas and checkered shirt that was not buttoned.My first kpop love.
It was quite easy to tell if it was a celebrity in the car simply by observing the behaviour of the security guard. The moment he orders us to back off from the car , it means the passenger is a celebrity. At that time, all the celebrity came in the white vans, its either fiat or kia vans. Cant remember clearly.
Okayys back to reality, away from memory lane.  Here we are at FNC entertainment.
At that time when we were there, we saw a handful fans waiting outside the building. I wonder which idols they were waiting for.  I wasnt particularly interested to visit the FNC building but it was along the way, so why not.
From FNC to the new SM bldg, it was around 5minutes walk.
Quite a new look as compared to the old building, like duh
and not to mention, fans .
We were rather lucky, Ericka spotted Siwon from Suju at SM but i saw the wrong person. I was looking at the driver then i realised i was looking at the wrong person. I kept forgetting that the driver seat is on the left and not on the right. Cos in sg, the driver seat is on the right, so i automatically look on the left for the passenger.
We stayed at SM for a bit like 15minutes to see if we could see any celebrities. But too bad we werent that lucky.
Next we made our way for JYP.
my second time here. It was near dunking donuts.
We dropped by Cube Entertainment as it was so near JYP.
Couldnt help but to explore the cafe
a lot of merchandise. I wonder those fans in the cafe, were they camping all day there?

the Galleria , looks majestic eh

Click here for directions to the entertainment buildings:

And now, our entertainment building tour is completed and we headed back to apgujeong rodeo subway station as there is a M+ Star Zone whereby you could snap interactive photos with 2PM members. Ericka is a HOTTEST so she was super excited. On the contrary, i only like nickhun from 2PM so i didnt take many photos . Then we saw jong suk photo and we took couple photos with him. Ill upload the photos when i get them from Ericka.

Earlier on, we walked past apgujeong rodeo drive but we didnt explore there. I was hoping that i could spot celebrities there since that place is famous for celebrities shopping there so i decided to try my luck by going there.
Verdict: i need more luck.
The famous street was nothing much special except that everything is luxurious products. We went to explore the Everysing noraebang quickly as Nadya and the rest were waiting for us.
I didnt try the noraebang but Joyce,Nadya and Shirley tried it. 
They told me that it wasnt very special and there were fewer songs than average available. It was 10k won per hour( if i am not wrong).
Directions to Noraebang:
1)Come out of exit 6 Apgujeong rodeo station .
2)walk straight and you will see uniqlo . keep walking straight and turn left at the 3rd street.  You should see Etude house, Paris Croissant on your right.
3) Walk straight and look out for Everysing , it will be on your right. Do take note that its at the second level.
As i had to go skiing the next day, i left early after our dinner at gangnam. Oh for dinner we had curry rice, coco ichiban. I thought that singapore doesnt have one but it turned out that singapore has one too so i was a little bleh by it. Cuz i wanted to eat stuff that i cant find in singapore.
Ratings: 4/5
Review: i think as my stomach is quite sensitive , perhaps the ingredients they used didnt suit my stomach as i felt bloated and nauseous after eating it. As a result, i didnt finish my food. But i must say that it was rather tasty, but easy to get tired of the taste. Serving was ok, not too small.
Directions: Gangnam Exit 11, walk straight and turn right into the 2nd street(you will see artbox ). Walk straight up the hill and you will see Curry Coco Ichiban infront of you.

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