Seodaemun Prison History Museum Hall

I don’t know why i have interests in Prisons, War Memorial, those painful pasts.

But anyway let’s not delve any deeper about it and enjoy the photos I took at Seodaemun Prison instead hahaha. Woke up late and had my favourite kimbab as my brunch 😀

 Today i went to Seodaemun Prison with George. Previously Yinghui went and she said she didnt enjoy herself as it was too scary for her. At that time when she went, it was raining with strong gusts of wind and super chilly.
Luckily when i went, the weather was good. I reached the place first and woah-ing at the Prison.
enter the Prison
looks ummm…gloomy, trapped.
The Central Building for Prison Guards
We first went to the exhibition hall where they were screening a movie, unfortunately, it was in Korean and i did not understand so we left shortly to visit other exhibits instead.
At the basement 1 level, we saw how the prisoners were tortured. there were many wax figures. I am a bit scared of wax figures as they look so real but aren’t real. I always have the imagination that suddenly they will move and scare me. So I kept a distance from it. As i saw the wax figures face contorted in pain, I could feel the pain as I walked through the exhibit.
There were all sorts of tortures, like the narrow room where the prisoner is forced into the life-sized wooden box, but one cannot lean or move without getting pierced by the sharp short spears inside. Those water dunking tortures, it is terrible.
The dark room torture where they are kept in total darkness in a small room. It was a gloomy atmosphere.
Next, I went to Prison Buildings to see how the prisoners were locked. It was super gloomy.
It was scary with the Officer staring down at the prisoners. Every cell was locked, there was no freedom for the prisoners who were once in there.
Then we went to explore the Engineering Building whereby the prisoners were exploited, luckily the screening room in that building had English so I was able to understand the video.
Then we passed by the lepers building.
and we saw a frozen pond, it was said that the prisoners wash their clothes at the pond
We also passed by the Execution Building. I tried to take photos but somehow i could not get clear pics.
My pictures kept getting orbs and bubbles in it, I heard from my Sec History Teacher that it is energy bubble emitted by spirits. So I had a bad feeling that maybe there indeed, might be spirits there so I did not dare to take anymore. I will rather be superstitious and be safe than sorry.
 the tree where the prisoners grabbed onto and wailed on their resentment of the unachieved independence before they were executed in the execution house
we went to this prison building where it is constructed only for the female prisoners.
We stayed at the prison till the closing time.
me helping to close the door 😛 kidding, the door doesn’t even open in that way

Seodaemun Prison Review:


Review: I enjoyed it a lot, I find it very interesting. Recommended for history and museum lovers. It’s really cruel the way the Japanese tortured the prisoners in the past.


Dongnimmun exit 5. When you walk out of the exit, you will see a hill on your left. The Prison is on top of the hill.

After that we went to Myeongdong, George left early as he had another appointment.
after the shopping at myeongdong, aching arms from carrying many bags of cosmetics. spent a bomb. now im broke.  T_T
 Here are some more random shots of the Prison:
 the frozen water
 i cant remember what this is, dono if its the fitness corner or what
 can you find me?

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