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Today was the last day of my mid terms. My mid term stretched over a month,from 1st week of october till today. One of my module/course had 2 mid terms. Sucky material engineering.
I realised engineering is super tough, here the professor test your memorisation skills. Today’ exam was horrible. I read most of the chapters but i didnt memorise the formulas, and as a result, i couldnt do any question properly. Yes it is THAT BAD. Super sian from it, i think it would be a miracle if i were to pass. Pray that i will pass this module as i really hope to overload here. So basically, the efforts i put in for the past few days went down into the drain because i didnt memorise the formulas. Yes, it sucks to the max.
I was frustrated when i understood how i should approach the question but i couldnt remember the formula. So i gave up halfway.The exam was supposed to be from 10-12nn, but i finished the paper around 11.30 and i left 1/2 hour early. Not because the paper was easy but because there was no point trying to recall the formula cos i just cant recall to no avail.
Emoing on the bus then i saw the pretty autumn leaves, it brightened my mood a little. I planned to go to edae to see the scenery with Jen and shop after that. But since Jen was feeling unwell, we postponed the meetup to early evening instead. Initially we planned to meet right after my exam for lunch at hongdae at sushi in sushi since jen is a big lover of sashimi
getting the front seat, good view from front
It was drizzling at SNU and i was contemplating whether i should take the risk to go edae to see the scenery, firstly from snu to ewha , its about 1/2 hour journey. Quite far. In the end i decided to just try my luck. I was quite worried that it would be raining at edae and i was already planning in my mind on how to juggle the camera and my umbrella should it rain. But thankfully, the rain has stopped at edae, so happy !^^
Everytime i shopped at edae, i never bother looking at the scenery but today i saw the beauty of it. Gosh there were so many tourists! So those who are planning to go to Seoul in the autumn season, YOU MUST COME TO EWHA!! To shop and to look at scenery!!!
 Apparently its a tourist hotspot as i overheard a tourist telling her daughter,’ faster take photo! we only have 15minutes before we have to board the bus again!!’
Cool eh, imagine you’re a ewha student and everyday you see tourists entering your school compound

And there i went, wearing my SNU jacket in the compounds of Ewha university. I felt like a traitor,haha

I wandered around ewha and snapping selcas on my own before i gave up. Decided to wait for Jen to come to take photos together and selca together and explore ewha together.

At the Main Gate

I came to ewha in early september and i didnt explore the compound. Today i explored the compound more and oh my, the scenery is gorgeous. Wished that i was a ewha student. But on the bright side, SNU has a gwanak mountain, can hike! 😀

I love the architecture and the roman/greece/ang moh-ish buildings , it soooo beautiful! Dont believe? Just see the photos! ill just let the photos do the ‘talking’ ,

*disclaimer: alot of duplicate photos, cuz the blogger loves the scenery too much *

same view, i just couldnt help it , its too beautiful . duplicate image but closer view
majestic! You cant really see how beautiful the school is, the building seems to be underground, under the hill.
up up up the slope we go!
 There were 2 slopes, here is the other one
‘this is my house, the trees and plants are all planted by me for the past decade, the fence is built by me and does not allow anyone to enter including myself’ quoted from Jen, her nonsensical description hahahah

apparently some photoshoot was going on. Jen overheard
the girl asking,’ huh so fast? ‘,
photographer: yup i took several shots already
girl: is it nice or not?

hehe me and my photoshoot
view from top of the hill
my awkward pose that made jen laughed so hard

finally another photo of jen! hahahha jen is like my personal photographer kekekekke

felt like opening the door to enter the building , gosh i love it!

jen’s candid photo of me
another…. candid photo. hhehehehe i wonder what happened BTS


trying to imitate the statue

After spending like 1.5hours admiring the scenery, we decided to have our early dinner at 5.30pm ! Yeah! We had cheese rice, which turned out horrible for me because the spicy chicken cheese rice that i ordered was FAR FAR FAR TOO SPICY FOR ME!

nil , i cant give a good rating,since i didnt have a good one not because it isnt nice but because i underestimated the spicyness. I drank 4 cups of water because of it. It was like so spicy that i behaved like a dog, sticking my tongue out to get rid of the heat from my tongue. It was stung very badly. It was the worst dinner i ever had in korea, apart from kimchi jjigae. Thankfully the serving was tiny hence i managed to force down 1/2 of my rice before giving up. Now i know, if the dish is spicy and its popular , it means it is too spicy for me because koreans like spicy food. So next time, if you cant take spicy food, dont order it!
On the other hand, Jen order mushroom cheese rice and it tasted good, i like the cheese as the cheese taste isnt strong. Jen didnt like it though as she would have preferred the cheese taste to be stronger. Nonetheless, next time when i order, ill be very careful of the chili sign. 
After our somewhat not very filling dinner, we finally went shopping!
There was a particular shoe shop which i visited one year ago and very unwillingly bought a pair of heels. This shoe shop is manned by 2 uncles. 1 uncle, he will really chase customer to push them into the shop. I just glanced at the shoe and he spoke to me and Jen. I wasnt very comfortable when the next moment he said, come look at the shoes and before i could react, he pushed us both into the shop and keep recommending shoes to us. I was like gimme my personal space , dont keep talking to me. i like to be left alone when browsing through the shoes! But i didnt say that out lah.
After that i just keep shaking my head at all the shoes he showed me and i said,’ 괘찮아요’ and briskly walked out of the shop before he could pressure me to buy another shoes. Because last year, i tried a pair that i liked but it was size 37, too huge. I asked if there was a smaller size but he said that 37 was the only smallest size left. Then he said he can help me paste insole to make it smaller and before i could say anything he pasted it and i was like , shucks, GG , have to buy the shoe liao whether it fits me or not cuz he has already pasted the insole in. So at that time, i was very unhappy with the heels that i bought. That pair of heels cost me 30k won and i seldom wear it . So it was like money thrown away because of a very pushy seller.
We wandered off to another shoe shop and this time the seller wasnt that pushy and i managed to see some shoes i liked. I was contemplating whether to go for comfort or to go for style. Decided to go for the latter because the uncle put in insole which made it much more comfortable. Initially it was 39k won, we haggled till 33k won, not cheap but since it was heels, i expected that it would be more expensive.
Feeling hungry from the cold, i recommended Jen to eat the marinated chicken that i tried previously. It was niceeee! But Jen’s hair was hungrier and it got itself into some of the marinated sauce. Poor Jen. I was aware of the high possibility of my hair getting dirty so hehe, my hair wasnt able to get into the sauce ^^v
Decided to have some street food for snacks but couldnt find one we liked so we decided to have waffle at Cafe Bene since Cafe Justin wasnt nice at all. Cafe Justin’s waffle was hard and stale , their chocolate cookies wasnt fresh either.
Jen attacking her ice-cream
I told the person not to give me cream so thats why my waffle(RIGHT) looked so plain, liddat jiu 4500won, expensive eh. But the waffle was much better than Cafe Justin. Jen finds it too sweet though. Finally someone i know who doesnt like sweet stuff. We are both non-sweet tooth 😀
Shall try other cafes and see which cafes have the least sweet waffles.
Satisfied with my loots today, in total i bought a 5k won sweater that was quite warm and my heels that was 33k won. Good Buys.

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