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Daiso Scalp Massager That Works

Sparse hair at my hair crown since young

Genetically, my cousins and I dont have much hair at our crown. As I grew older, I felt that i was gradually starting to bald as my hairline was slowly receding. I was super afraid and tried ways to prevent hair loss. I also envy people for having baby hair at their hairline as I never had them.

I tried using D.O.M alcohol on my scalp and massaging them but it yielded no result. It worked for my mom but it didn’t work for me. I tried massaging with my fingers whenever I’m free but I’m always too lazy to do it for at least a minute or so. As I entered the working world, when the stress gets the better of me, my hair line was also starting to recede faster. I was afraid but also a little sian because I knew that it was hereditary so there isn’t much I can do to improve the hair growth.

The unassuming Daiso scalp massager

So one fine day, I went to Daiso while waiting for my friend and bought this $2 octopus scalp massager that I chanced upon.

scalp massager

It looked more like a toy and unassuming. I was just curious and sceptical about it and was like, aiyah, it’s only $2, just buy and try.

At most, if it doesn’t work, throw away lor.

How I used the Daiso scalp massager

I use the scalp massager after I showered and I didn’t really do it daily, but I did it quite frequently. I massaged my scalp with the scalp massager in a circular motion and especially at my hairline as I was hoping that it would stimulate the hair follicle and hair would grow.

And after a few weeks, oh my god, i saw baby hair growing from my scalp hairline.

I couldn’t really find an old decent photo of my hairline before I tried the scalp massager. Because I was sceptical of it and thought nothing much of it. I didn’t expect it to work at all.

That’s the best photo I could dig out.

Before using scalp massager
after using daiso scalp massager

Notice the hair in the two circles, those were the baby hair that grew out.

I was like whoa oh my god, super surprised by the baby hair growing out and was like, OMG this is just $2!!!!!

And then i diligently started to do it more frequently like i try to do it daily.

I also started to research more about scalp massagers, trying to understand how they can help stimulate hair growth.

So apparently, when we use these scalp massagers to massage our scalp, what it does is the scalp massages stretches the cells of our hair follicles, which stimulates our follicles to produce thicker hair.

I’m not sure if it produced thicker hair for me, but one thing for sure is, i started growing baby hair at my hairline.


So far, it worked for me. I feel that this is a super cheap option to those hair treatments outside where you pay thousands of dollars and it doesn’t guarantee that your hair will grow.

If you’re planning to go for some hair tonic treatment to combat receding hairline or you’re having hair loss like me, why not give a try to this $2 cheap scalp massager?

Who knows, you may have the same result as me and you save money on going for expensive scalp treatments!

Share your comments below if you found another way to stimulate hair growth! 🙂

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