Lantern Festival

Today is a crazy me. Just came back this morning from Seoraksan and now im out for the Lantern Festival with my buddy group. As i had no autumn wear, since all my autumn clothes are in the washing, i could only wear my winter coat. Dont wanna freeze.
I wasnt really interested in the festival but i just wanna soak in the atmosphere. For this festival, we went to the Cheonggyecheostream where the lanterns are exhibited, floated on the water. I came here previously when it was late summer,early autumn. At that time, i was dressed in summer wear. Shorts and top with my cap.
Wearing caps is like a norm in Korea, but in Singapore its not a norm. You wear cap, you get judged at . Bu in Korea, you wear cap, nobody judges you.
It was quite a cold night so thankfully i was wearing my winter jacket.
———————Disclaimer: Photos spam ahead———————
jen & I. Yuni couldnt make it.
The blue stream of water. Yep you caught my feet.
christmas tree? if it is, its a tad too early, no?
this view is nice
this lantern is too cute!
It was so-so for me. I just wanted to do something and not stay in my goshiwon, maximising every second of my time in Korea. The lanterns have a story behind it though. 
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